I’m sure y’all are getting sick of hearing me talk about…you guessed it…flooring!  But I’m not quite done yet.  We have round two of flooring installations happening on Monday!!  The lucky rooms receiving the treatment this time are the living room, kitchen and dining room.  When deciding on flooring (there’s SO many options choose from) I pulled from some Pinterest inspiration:



Can you tell by my inspiration photos which way we’re planning on going?  Yup- all wood tones.  Our kitchen cabinets were a big selling feature for us, so we’re planning on leaving them the medium wood tone that they are.  I didn’t want do tile (or the Allure vinyl “tile” that we did in the bathrooms).  My goal, since all three rooms are somewhat connected, is to try and make them more of a cohesive  space- right now the kitchen and dining room have a really awful old dirty looking linoleum and the living room is carpet.  So we’re doing wood floors.  Well- “wood” floors actually.  The budget doesn’t allow for real wood- and we don’t want to do laminate because of the water issue- we have an ice maker and then the dishwasher, plus a door that gets a lot of traffic from the dogs.  I’ve read some really bad things about laminate and water and it just sounds like a terrible combination.  So we’re doing more vinyl.  I know- it sounds weird and something that might not be great for resale.  But Allure makes a really realistic looking vinyl plank- and it’s gotten some amazing reviews.  Jen at IheartOrganizing used it in her entire basement after it flooded- it’s beautiful!  It’s supposed to hold up really well to water, foot traffic and dogs.  We’ll see because in it goes on Monday! 

Based on my inspirations and the amount of natural light we get in our house, I knew I didn’t want a dark wood.  I’ve also heard the darker wood colors show every single speck of dirt and dust.  I wanted to choose something either very similar in color to our cabinets or slightly lighter.  So we brought home a ton of samples and held them up to the cabinets, furniture, walls, trim, etc.  Here’s the winner:

It’s called “Tradition” and looks a tiny bit on the rustic side, but not enough to look like a cabin floor.  It’s very similar to our kitchen cabinet color, and light enough so it won’t make our house look like a cave.  And there are currently 27 boxes of it sitting in the office!

I’ll be back with photos of the install soon- have a great weekend everyone!!


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