Coconut oil skin care routine

Oh hey there!!

So I have told enough people about this neat skin care trick that I thought I should probably share it on the blog. 

A couple of months ago, Kristal mentioned she uses an oil cleansing method to wash her face.  Say what?  I was intrigued.  And more than a bit skeptical.  I have an oily t-zone, and even in my 30’s my face still looks like a teenager’s a lot of times.  Pregnancy and then post-partum hormones only made it worse, and it was getting embarrassing and often painful. I’ve tried a lot of acne products out there, and nothing has ever made it go away completely.  My go-to face wash is St Ives Apricot Scrub (which I couldn’t use during pregnancy due to the salicylic acid) and I’ve always tried to use products that dry up the oil, so adding oil just seemed completely backwards to me.

Not long before reading Kristal’s post, I had used castor oil to successfully unclog a blocked milk duct (one of the hazards of pumping and extremely painful for anyone who hasn’t experienced this).  And we often use coconut oil on B’s skin- it’s great for mild cradle cap as well as diaper rashes.  So I thought to myself- what’s the harm in trying oil on my own skin?

Everything I read said to give it at least two weeks- your skin needs time to re-adjust.  And you know what?  In two weeks, my skin WAS clearer.  Not 100% better, but there was a definite improvement.  So I kept up the routine.  I’ve been using oil on my face for almost three months now and I rarely have a break out.  I used to get at least one a week and they would be painful and last for at least a week (so I was never break out free).  My last break out was three weeks ago and they were very mild and gone within a couple of days. 

So if that isn’t enough to convince you right there, maybe my routine will, because it is ridiculously easy.  I decided to try coconut oil, simply because that’s what we had at home (and I didn’t feel like mixing anything).  We get ours from Trader Joe’s and it’s $7.99 for a 16oz jar.  Which, if you use it for skin care, will last you FOREVER (and the smell is very mild- you won’t smell like a coconut, piña colada or the beach- I promise).
I put a portion of the jar into a small glass bowl with a lid, and stuck it in the shower.  I shower at night, so I do this routine right before bed.  I don’t think it’s necessary to do this before bed, but if you’re already washing your face at night you could just incorporate this into your face washing routine.  Otherwise I suggest doing this whenever you shower, simply because it’s easiest.
1.  Wash your face with your regular face wash, whatever that may be- I still use my St Ives Apricot Scrub because I like it.
2.  Rinse with warm water 
3.  Apply a small amount of coconut oil to your face- coconut oil is solid at room temperatures so it’s easy to measure out- I use about a thumbnail sized amount.  Once you rub it between your hands it becomes a liquid and a little goes a LONG way with coconut oil.
4.  Let this sit on your skin for a couple of minutes- I usually wash/condition my hair and do whatever else I need to do in the shower while I’m “waiting.”
5.  Rinse off with warm water- do not add soap.  
6.  Pat dry- your skin will have a tiny bit of oil residue on it but that should be absorbed as you dry off.  It should not leave anything behind on your clothes/pillows/sheets/towels/etc.
That’s it.  See- super easy.  I think the hardest part might be going to the store and buying the oil!! But it’s oh so worth it- your skin will thank you (just remember to be patient and give it two weeks to really see a difference). My skin has never been softer or clearer!!
**Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated by any of the companies linked to in this post**