Welcome to DavenportDIY!  ai_EmilyDavenport_006

My name is Emily and I’m a marine biologist from Washington (state not DC) currently residing in Georgia (which does, in fact, have a coastline). I really enjoy crafting and creating things in my free time (gotta use both sides of the brain equally, right?) I’m also a huge fan of finding a good bargain. My love of all things DIY and bargain hunting turned into obsessions in 2010, due to the fact that my husband and I became first time homeowners. This was a long time coming for us, and we (especially ME) were eagerly chomping at the bit to get the home improvement projects started (my honey-do list quickly reached mammoth proportions…sorry sweetie).

In 2012 we became proud parents to a very awesome little boy who shall henceforth be known affectionately as “B”.  He is the love of our lives and we cannot imagine life without him in it.  Most of our current projects revolve around him (and his naps).

This blog is a place for me to document the progress of our family and DIY projects through out the years to come…



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