Baby gear- the acid reflux edition

**My apologies to anyone not interested in baby related stuff- my life now revolves around our biggest DIY project (B) so most posts (when I have time to post) will be about baby stuff.  Hopefully one day in the future I will get back to DIY!**

Having a baby with acid reflux (and a milk/soy protein intolerance) means that some of the baby gear that would work for other babies will not work for your baby.  In fact, your baby may scream bloody murder about it hate it with every fiber of his being.  We have found a few items that have worked well for us, so I thought I’d pass along my recommendations

1.  Swing- but not just any swing.  We got this one as a gift, and this is the face I got every time I put him in there, followed shortly thereafter by crying

Yes, I know he’s not buckled in- he was literally in it for 2 minutes or less and I was there the whole time.

Once he started daycare, they put him in their swing, which sits him upright.  He NAPPED in it on his first day there, which was a foreign concept to us.  I immediately went out and bought this swing instead, and look what happened:

Magic!  And he’s strapped in, I promise

We figured out that his old swing holds him in a weird cradled position that squishes his tummy.  Combine that with the back and forth motion of the swing and you have a recipe for instant reflux.

2.  Rock n’ Play– AH-MAY-ZING. I can’t say enough great things about it- we should just buy stock in Fisher Price right now.  I love it because it helps keep B at an angle when he sleeps, which really helps with his reflux.  It’s also great to help him sleep when he has a cold (like right now)- the angle helps his congestion, plus I can pull the rock n’ play right up next to the humidifier.  I love that I can pull this right up next to the bed and rock him to sleep if he’s fussing, or catch him in the middle of the night making noises like he’s hungry before he wakes up completely.  It helps us all get a better night’s sleep.  Most nights we start him out in the crib and then move him to the rock n’ play after he’s eaten, except for the past week or so he’s been sleeping solely in the rock n’ play due to his cold.  I’m kind of dreading putting him back in his crib.

3.  Speaking of the crib- this isn’t a product, but we did angle his mattress to help him sleep at an incline.  We just dropped one end to the lowest setting on the crib and left the other end at the highest setting.  You can kind of see that in this photo:

Pardon the mess- just keepin’ it real. 

It’s not as great as the rock n’ play, but it does help.

4.  Ergo baby carrier.  LOVE this carrier.  When we were still struggling to figure out B’s reflux issues, this was the ONLY place he would nap.  I could get him to sleep in it for up to 3hrs at a time, while still getting things done (like feeding myself) around the house.  It’s pretty comfortable and easy to put on, and I love that he can continue to ride in it as he grows. He still usually falls asleep in it, or at least calms down if he’s fussy.

Bags under my eyes= rough night of sleep.  I think I’m smiling only because he’s napping!
 5.  Dr Brown’s bottles.  These seem to be a pretty popular bottle in general, but I think they work really well at reducing the amount of air B swallows when drinking from a bottle, which in turn helps with the spit up/reflux.  They are kind of a pain to wash due to all their parts, but really it’s not that big of a deal.  We have the 4oz and 8oz sizes, and use both.  B eats only 4oz at a time- any more than that and he’ll just spit it back up.  I also discovered that these bottles connect directly to my breast pump, which is pretty awesome.
That about sums up what works for us (right now anyway).  I hope that this will be a helpful post to others looking to make their little ones comfortable!!  
**Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated by any of the companies linked to in this post**

Monthly photos

I knew before I had B that I probably wouldn’t have time remember to take weekly photos of him- but I figured I could probably handle monthly photos.  It helps that he was born on the 1st, which is a nice reminder!  I’ve been using the chevron blanket I made as a backdrop.  They’re not fabulous (except the first one which is a professional photo), but they’re a fun way to look at how he’s changed with time, and I’d like to think I get better at taking them each time (until he’s rolling over that is).

Barely 1 day old, photo by Bella Baby Photography

1 month old- happy New Year!

2 months old- this photo needs a better angle, but man did he fill out between month 1 and 2!

3 months old- dying of the cuteness. 

These will be so fun to look back at in a year- wow.  What a difference a month makes when you’re tiny!!