DIY curb appeal, part 2

Hey there!  First off, I hope everyone had a lovely mother’s day!!  I know I sure did!

Remember how I said I was going to tell you all about our flower bed re-do in my next post and then I didn’t?  Yeah.  I’m blaming the sickness that descended yet again on my house.  This time, poor B was the only one who succumbed (poor kiddo got hand/foot/mouth AND an ear infection at the same time.  Let’s not talk about little sleep everyone got).  Poor kid has had 3 ear infections in the last month- so guess what we’re doing today??  Getting tubes.  Fingers crossed it all goes great and we can put a stop to all the ear infections!!

Anyway.   Last I left you our flower bed looked like this:


house with flowerbed

Oh wait…maybe not quite like that.  But do you see the area to the right of the driveway, and the evergreen trees (aka leyland cypresses) in that general area as well?  I’ve never liked that side of the driveway, so I’ve always cropped it out of photos.  Well, we (aka T) finally decided to make a change.

First those leyland cypresses came out.  They were giant (at least 30 feet tall), crowding all the other trees on that side and slowly dying from the base up.  It was time for those to go- so T went out there one day and cut them down!  It was amazing how removing those opened things up!

The flower bed used to have a skinny strip of grass in front of it (right next to the driveway)- not even big enough for the lawn mower.  I don’t know why it took us 4 years to decide that maybe that grass didn’t even need to be there, but after cutting those trees down, T dug the grass out so we could extend the flower bed all the way to the driveway.

There were already peony plants in the flower bed (I was delighted to discover that the year we bought our house) but the rest was just weeds.  I went to a local plant sale and bought some heuchera, columbines, creeping phlox and bleeding hearts (the bed is mostly in the shade).  We got another 10 yards of mulch delivered since we’d run out the last time we mulched, and here’s the end result:

front flower bed

You can see the stumps of the trees T removed to the right of the mulch pile.  And that tree that looks like we pruned it too much is a vitex that blooms in the early summer, and is doing great (although I have to admit, I was a terrified a little afraid that we’d killed it by pruning it back too far)

Soon after planting everything, our resident deer decided to munch on my heuchera (even though it’s advertised as deer resistant).  So now all the new plants are sporting a slightly more “industrial” look (tomato cages plus bird netting):





Hopefully they won’t need this extra layer of protection next year, but we’ll see.


Here are some pics of my favorite flowers in there:





Bleeding Heart




This is an azalea, which isn’t in that flower bed they were blooming when I was taking these photos and I love them, so here’s a bonus shot of one!


That concludes my little tour of our flower beds!  I hope you enjoyed the pics- I’d love to see some pics of your outdoor spaces!  Feel free to share a link in the comments!

Tuesday tips: Essential oils

A few months ago, a friend of mine got me hooked on essential oils.  She’d sent me some samples of dōTERRA oils to try out last year after I posted about using coconut oil as a natural moisturizer.  One that I liked in particular is called “On Guard“- it’s also known as thieves oil (On Guard is dōTERRA‘s proprietary blend of wild orange, eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove and rosemary oils) and is supposed to help boost your immune system.  Well, this winter the plague descended upon our house and would just not let up- B and I traded colds back and forth and a fun round of the stomach bug.  I was sick of being sick, so I ordered my own set of essential oils.  And I’m totally hooked!!

My favorites are lavender, lemon, On Guard and another blend called Breathe (mix Breathe into some coconut oil and you have your own natural Vick’s vapor rub minus the petroleum products!)  Those have gotten the most use in our house at the end of the cold season.  I love using a diffuser to diffuse at least one of these oils in the bathroom during B’s bath (and my shower later).  Sometimes I will add a couple of drops directly to the bath water.  I also put on a drop or two of lavender at bed time- it relaxes me almost instantly!

Many of those suggestions are ones that a lot of you have already heard of, but here are a few more that you might not have heard of!


Do you use essential oils?  What are your favorite oils to use?

Some motivation on a Monday

T has a great saying- “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is unacceptable.”  I mentioned this to a friend and she thought it was a good one and even wrote it down.  So I thought some of y’all might enjoy having a free printable of this quote- something to frame for your office?  A reminder as you head out the door?   Just click the photo to save/print (should print as an 8×10)!



DavenportDIY| Free 8×10 printable

Some DIY curb appeal

**Linking up to Katie Bower’s spring photo link party!!**

Hey y’all- I hope everyone had a happy Easter!  We were pretty low key around here since we have no family in the area, but B did get to do his first egg hunt (actually 2nd hunt- his school did one the week prior, but this was his first hunt with us)!  I didn’t think he’d understand what to do with his basket, but he carried it around on his arm like a pro (probably because of all the practice he’s had playing with my purse- ha!)  Thankfully the weather was lovely so we got to be outside most of the day…


Speaking of outside (and happy Earth day by the way!), we’ve switched gears around the house and have been taking advantage of the lovely (albeit a bit weird with temps in the 80’s one day and a frost the next) spring weather we’ve been having lately and putting in some work on the outside of our house, before the weather here gets too hot and humid.

We usually mulch our front and back flower beds yearly, although we skipped last year due to the crazyness that being a new parent brings with it!  Also, we usually (stupidly) wait way too long and mulch in the summer which is just ridiculously sweaty- this year we were on top of it and ordered 20 cubic yards at the end of February.  We got so much mulch because we decided to mulch our backyard after trying (unsuccessfully) for several years to get anything resembling grass to grow back there (mulch is the new grass right?)


My boys, happy with the newly mulched back yard


We changed the path leading to the garden from gravel to mulch


We get a lot of erosion here due to rain water, so T added in a 4×4 post (half buried in the ground) to create a tiered effect and stop the mulch from washing down the hill

Then we got 5 cubic yards of gravel, so we could extend the gravel path in the above photo, as well freshen up the existing graveled spaces


T is such a hard worker. I just spread the mulch/gravel and take the photos

B enjoyed “helping” with the mulching process- I’d gotten him his own shovel and he was thrilled to help his daddy load up the wheelbarrow:bmulch

And wear his daddy’s work gloves around:

2014-03-22 10.03.55-1

Believe it or not, we blew through all 20 cubic yards of mulch and had JUST enough to do the front beds, minus one…


Ahhh, freshly mulched = happy plants


Which actually worked out well because we decided to modify that bed, so we were able to wait to mulch it.  I don’t have any photos of the bed before we got to it (bad blogger), probably because it was nothing much to look at so I always cropped it out of my photos!  Just a narrow long bed with some peonies in it (that I have managed not to kill despite doing absolutely nothing to them- we inherited them with the house, which was a fun surprise the first year they came up!) and a narrow strip of grass/weeds.  Boring!! If you look at the below photo of our house, it would be to the right of the edge of the driveway (and under the snow):

house with flowerbed

T was the driving force behind the bed re-do, and we are both so happy with it now.  It just makes so much more sense.  I will post more about it in my next post, because that much work deserves its own post and this one is long enough as it is!!  I will leave you with one more pic of B, probably my favorite of him to date:

2014-04-07 20.53.47

Pure joy at being outside, in the wheelbarrow!


Tuesday tips: Cloth diapers

So I’m switching things up here (because it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to!) and talking about our choice to use cloth diapers with B.  Also I’m bringing back the Tuesday tips- woo!

I consider myself a sort-of “crunchy” mom- I try to buy organic/natural/local food and personal care items when I can for our family, but they don’t make up 100% of what I buy.  It’s all about balance for our family, which works best.  However, cloth diapers were something I’d always wanted to do- the benefits are almost too many to list- not only do they prevent waste accumulation in landfills, they are chemical free, cost effective (after an upfront cost), keep blowouts to a minimum (I am almost certain we have never had an all out poop blowout- we’ve come close, but the cloth definitely keeps things contained better), keep diaper rashes to a minimum and are just cuter that disposables!

To start this post off with 100% honesty, we do not cloth diaper B all of the time.  He wears 1 disposable diaper a day- at night- because by the time I got a cloth diaper on that boy that was thick enough to absorb everything, he could barely move his legs.  I did not want to spend $$$ trying to find the perfect combination of fabrics to absorb everything, not to mention we were already up to our ears in trial and error with the dairy/soy intolerance.  So because I like my sleep, $$ and a dry baby, we put a disposable on at night- and everyone was happy.

That being said, we do use cloth the rest of the time.  We were super lucky when B was born because my parents gifted us a year’s worth of diaper service which was AWESOME.  No having to wash diapers ourselves?  Yes please and thank you very much.  Not that washing diapers is difficult, but it was just one less thing to think about- toss the diaper in the pail and every thursday set the dirty diapers on the porch where they are magically replaced by a stack of clean ones.  Diaper service in our area costs around $50-60 a month- that’s for ~60 diapers a week.  We started off with 80 diapers a week when B was tiny and then scaled back once the diaper changes slowed down.  $50 a month is fairly comparable to what you would spend on disposable diapers in a month, especially in the beginning (10 diapers a day x 30 days in a month = 300 diapers, depending on what brand you purchase and where you purchase them from you may spend slightly more or less than $50-60).

There are a LOT of different ways to cloth diaper now- you can do prefolds with a cover, all in ones, pocket diapers, etc etc.  When I was first researching cloth diapers, my head was spinning from all the different choices available to new moms.  For us though, the choice was easier since our diaper service only provided prefold diapers.  Prefolds are a piece of cotton fabric that is divided into 3 sections.  The middle section is thicker than the outer two sections for absorbancy.  Obviously (or maybe not so obviously) wearing just the prefold does not keep clothes/you/furniture/etc dry- you need to cover it with something.  That’s where the diaper cover comes in.  When I was little I remember the plastic pull on pants that my mom would put on myself/my sister- nowadays the diaper covers are WAY cuter.  And adjustable!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a prefold- when you get them they are much more flat and thin but they fluff up the more you wash them.  It’s recommended you wash them at least 3 times prior to using them to “prep” them so they are super absorbant.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are a couple of our Flip covers.  See!!  Super cute!  No plastic pull up pants here!

Since we were starting out with prefolds, I purchased Flip covers (the company who makes Flip also makes the popular all in one diaper brand BumGenius).  I liked the style of the cover and the fact that it adjusted all the way to 35+lbs with snaps.  I purchased 9 covers, which I figured was more than enough.  Because the cover is made of PUL (polyurethane laminted) fabric it is waterproof and so you can just remove the wet prefold from the diaper and add a new prefold to the cover (we changed the entire thing if the cover got dirty from poop).

This system worked fine when I was staying at home with B- there is a little flap in the front of the cover that keeps the prefold in place on the Flip covers that would get damp over time, so we’d just rotate covers throughout the day.  Then he started daycare- and this system didn’t work as well because the cover wouldn’t get changed as frequently, which caused him to develop a rash.  After that we started pre-making our covers- basically we fold the prefold and put it inside the cover.  Each time he gets a diaper change at school, he gets a new pre-made prefold/cover combination.  For this reason I purchased a few more covers- we now have 14 covers.  Which means we have enough for 2 days worth of diapering (B uses 5-7 diapers a day now, not including nighttime).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is what our diapers look like stuffed and ready to go.  To prep the diapers for the next day takes us maybe 5 minutes of stuffing?  Probably less actually

Then…summer time rolled around and suddenly B developed a very persistent rash.  One that would not go away no matter what I did.  Thanks to the suggestion of a friend, we finally figured out it was heat rash due to the warm wet cotton against his skin.  We added a fleece liner (literally a strip of fleece cut out of an old blanket) and the rash was gone!!  These fleece liners are great too if we do have to apply some cream to his diaper area- they protect the actual diaper from the cream (which can stop the diaper from being absorbent).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a fleece lined diaper- you can see the fleece doesn’t even fully cover the prefold (and isn’t even cut straight- ha!), but it does the job just fine!

Now that we’re “cloth diaper experts”- hahaha- I decided to stop our diaper service and purchase our own prefolds.  We do a load of laundry daily anyway, so adding some diapers to that is no big deal, and since B is eating solids the poop is much easier to deal with.  We use Ecos laundry detergent and just toss in some vinegar (for fabric softening) OR baking soda (for odor removal)- don’t add both vinegar and baking soda though!

Cost wise I feel like prefolds and covers are a pretty inexpensive way to do cloth diapers.  Here’s a break down for you:

1.  14 Flip covers at $14.95 a piece- purchased from Sweetbottoms Baby, when they were having a sale of buy 2 get 1 free= $149.50

2. 24 unbleached cotton Indian prefolds in premium from, 12 for $24- $48

3.  Fleece liners- free, because we had the blanket already

Total= $198 for 14 diapers (plus 10 extra prefolds)

I purchased the longer prefolds because B is big (*cough* 29lbs at his last dr visit *cough* wearing 2T/3T at 16mo *cough*)- this size would not fit an infant well.  To diaper a newborn/infant I would purchase the infant sized prefolds (which is the size we were getting from our diaper service), probably 24-36 of them, so that would be a $36-52 investment.  And if B is still in diapers when hypothetical baby 2 is on the scene, then we would of course need more covers.

Overall this system works great for us, and I’m really enjoying cloth diapering!!  Plus there is just nothing better than a baby running around in a fluffy cloth diaper, don’t you think?


Do you cloth diaper?  What’s your favorite type of diaper to use?

Feelin’ haze-y

I know in my last post I teased you with the promise of a new kitchen wall color, which got delayed due to new windows.  I’m making good on that promise today!!

First off, can I just say that painting (and any project in general) takes 10x as long when you have to work solely during nap and bed times?  Painting the kitchen BC (that’s “before child”) would have taken approximately a weekend to finish.  Painting the kitchen AC (“after child”) took almost a month- taping happened one night after bed, then the walls got painted during a weekend, then I had to travel for work so we took a week off.  Then the ceiling finally got painted over another weekend.  I suppose if we didn’t mind being sleep deprived, we still could have gotten it done in a weekend, but I like my sleep thankyouverymuch!

I wanted a color that was lighter than our original color (Behr’s Mother Nature) but that wasn’t a tan because the office and living room are both a shade of tan.  I also wanted something with some grey to it, but not too grey.  It had to play nice with our counters and cabinets too.  I grabbed a million swatches, and painted a few test stripes on the walls (those are a good motivator to get to the actual painting process- we could only stare at those stripes for so long).  I don’t usually spend this much time deliberating on a color, but I really didn’t want to have to paint the kitchen again- there is SO much taping involved!!  I *finally* settled on Behr Mountain Haze for the walls and Behr White Clay for the ceiling.  And oh boy do I love it!! The color is still a little bit green, but looks greyish at night.

It’s actually still not 100% finished- there’s some paint to be scraped off the cabinets, and we have a project in the initial planning stages that we *hope* to complete this summer at some point (right now we’ve switched gears and are focusing our energy on the outside since it’s nice enough to be out there.  We’ll move back inside once the stifling heat and humidity show up).  It’s finished enough for photos though!!  Warning- I did not stage anything.  And there are toddler hand prints all over the dishwasher (I didn’t even bother showing you the fridge because the outside is kind of scary looking right now- I curse our stainless steel appliances on a daily basis…)

Anyway…I know you really just want to see the photos, so here you go!  First off, the dining room side:

Oh what a difference some paint and a new window makes!!  That window is the exact same size as the old window, but it looks SO much bigger.

And, just a reminder (again) of how far this room has come…


Oh yeah…so much better!  We got a new rug awhile back too for the dining room portion- we did have 4 (!!) rugs in there and it was just getting ridiculous when we were vacuuming in there.  One big rug is much more manageable.  The colors tie in well with the curtains and wall color (the rug came first though).  And it goes well with the living room rug too.

And the kitchen side of things:


This photo is probably the best shot of our counter tops I have- it really shows off the detail and true colors (Corian in “Burled Beach”).  I am still in love with them.  You can also see we added some new pets to our family- 9 neon tetras and 2 corydoras (aka cory catfish).  B loves to watch them swim, especially at feeding time, and has quickly learned to sign “fish”.

Another quick reminder of what this side of the room used to look like:


It’s amazing what a little paint can do.  It feels so much lighter and brighter in there, which is exactly what I hoped to accomplish!

I’m excited about the next project we are doing in this room, but I’m keeping that cat in the bag for now.  I’m hoping we’ll get it done this summer but the way our projects have been moving lately, it might be more like fall.  We’ll see.  No promises!!

What do you think?  Have you painted anything recently?

A different point of view…

Some time last year, I decided I was completely over our current kitchen color (Mother Nature by Behr).  I think it was caused by a combination of seeing tons of light, bright kitchens on blogs/Pinterest, and the fact that between our walls, cabinets and tiny windows, our kitchen was starting to feel like a dark cave.  You can imagine how thrilled T was when I decided to tell him I wanted to re-paint.  I think he was pretty sure we were never painting another part of our house ever again (sorry sweetie).  Here’s a couple photos of our cave (although it’s come a long way since we bought it!)



I get a week off work around Christmas, but B’s daycare is only closed for a couple of those days, so I figured that would be the *perfect* time to paint- and T wouldn’t even have to pick up a paintbrush.  A win win for everyone!

Then we discovered some mold issues in the upstairs last fall (nothing major, but it indicated extra moisture was getting in upstairs).  Every summer we put window A/C units in both bedrooms to keep us from having to run the whole house A/C all night.  The way our windows are designed (wood divided lite windows, covered by storm windows to give us “double-paned” windows) leaves a very large gap (to the outside air) when they are open.  So this lets in all that lovely humid Georgia air.  And bugs.  I stuff a towel in there to help, but it’s obviously not a weather proof seal.  Right around the time we noticed the mold, I’d noticed that T had left the storm window open in B’s room after removing the A/C- which was causing his room to be colder than normal.  I asked T to close it- and in order to do so, he had to use a CROW BAR to open the wood window. Whoa.  Not cool.

I should mention that all of the windows in our house are this difficult to open- in fact, we never opened them so we took all the screens out of the windows to give us a better view.  Although I’m not sure that effort was entirely worth it because it was too difficult to get the outsides clean, so our view out of them wasn’t very good!  Plus the wood on the outside would mold every year.  I painted the outside of those windows once- and let me tell you, scraping divided lite window panes is NOT my idea of a good time.

Do you see where I’m going with this story?  No?  Well, let me spell it out then- after living in our house for almost 4 years with gross wood windows that wouldn’t open, we decided to get new windows!  This delayed our painting plans for a little while, because why paint if you’re going to be ripping windows out?

We purchased our windows through a local window dealer and the windows are manufactured in South Carolina, which is awesome (local for the win!!)  We chose a double-hung vinyl window with low-e glass (glass that is slightly tinted and has argon gas inside the panes) for energy savings (this kind of window is pretty started these days).  We opted for a sash replacement, which basically means they take out the old panes (sashes) and replace the parts that they slide on, but leave the rest in tact (the parts that are covered up by trim/drywall).  We went this route because we wanted to keep as much glass as possible- sticking an entire new vinyl window in there would have meant losing glass real estate. We also opted for regular windows instead of divided lite windows because we really wanted an unobstructed view out of our windows (I’m willing to sacrifice a little character for a view any day).

Here is a comparison of the old and new windows- same window location, same time of day:

IMG_2036[1]To say I’m in love might be an understatement!!  We also noticed a fairly drastic temperature shift, which we weren’t expecting (since glass is not very energy efficient, even if it’s double paned!)  I haven’t been able to do an energy savings comparison yet because our weather has been abnormally cold which means our gas furnace was in use a lot more than our electric heat pump this winter.  I’m interested to see the summer time savings though!

We did completely change one of the windows in the house- the dining room window.  We wanted to get rid of the cave-like feeling in there, and we really love that it looks out onto our deck/back yard.  But the way the windows were, you couldn’t see much:


We decided to make this window a picture window instead:


Tada!!  Oh wait- that’s just a giant hole in the wall.  Ha!  Hmm, an open air dining room in January?  No thank you…


That’s better- and whoo hoo to the view!!  It’s SO much better than before!!  Sunsets out that window are my favorite!

Character-wise, I don’t think the outside of our house suffered *too* much:



Especially since we added some character with the new garage doors and snow (oh wait- that doesn’t stick around does it? ha)

I know this post started off talking about paint- and I’ll get there with my next post, but I’ll leave it here for now!  What do you think?  Is anyone else doing any fun/major house changes?

Weekday mornings

Our bedroom is right across the (tiny) hall from B’s room.  There is also a bathroom up there, between the rooms.  Every weekday morning, I wake up and tiptoe into the bathroom to get ready for work before B wakes up.  I also wait until I close the bathroom door to turn on the light, because the light shines directly into his room otherwise.

Even though he sleeps with a white noise machine, there are a few noises that can still be heard in his room- and because he usually wakes up around 6:30/6:45, his sleep is lightest at this time of day, so even though he’s a good sleeper I still make an effort to be quiet.

Without fail, it seems like this time of the morning is like a magnet to all of our animals.  One of our cats (Amber) loves getting ready with me in the morning (seriously- she sits on the counter and watches me get ready.  It’s cute, but a little weird).  Lately, she’s figured out what time I wake up and will greet me as I walk out of our bedroom with a very loud meow.  Repeatedly.  Until we go into the bathroom together (this is one of the things that can be heard in B’s room over the noise machine).

Then the other cat, Tweaker, figures out I’m in the bathroom and suddenly decides she wants in, so will proceed to rip at the carpet outside until I open the door (this little cat is anything but polite).  I have to turn the light off to open the door- so then she won’t come in the room without a lot of coaxing.

Some mornings, like this morning, Ellie decides she wants to join in the fun.  Normally she sleeps downstairs, but lately she’s decided she wants to come into our bedroom.  So she will either sit outside our door and go “hrrrrrrmmmmmm” loudly until someone lets her in.  Or- like this morning- she’ll sit outside and cough loudly (I swear this dog is part human)

It’s a wonder B sleeps through it all most days- but come on animals, give me a break!!  I just want to get ready in peace!!


Still here

2014 arrived…and then I completely lost all motivation to blog. Whoops!

I have lots of ideas swirling around in my brain.  And lots of things are going on at our house, including a project that I’m hoping to get started on some time soon (NOT pregnant…for anyone wondering)

However, right now I’m feeling the pressure.  Joi just wrote a very lovely post summing up a lot of what I’m feeling- the pressure.  To be THE best.  Have the best blog design.  Create pinterest-worthy things!!  Get tons of blog traffic, tons of comments.  Etc etc.  And you know what?  When I feel that pressure, the blog suddenly feels like work instead of fun.  And then I start avoiding it, because I’m not having fun while I’m doing it.  And then I start getting a ton of spammy comments and I avoid it even more.

So that’s where I’ve been- hiding from the pressure and spammy comments, instead of enjoying myself.  I’m still working on finding my voice and sorting out what I want this blog to be.   And who am I blogging for anyway?   Myself.  So it needs to be fun, because unless it becomes my job, it has no business feeling like work.  I already have a full time job for that!

I’ll be back – and thanks to those who read and comment!  If you have any posts that you’ve enjoyed in the past, speak up!  You can help me figure out what direction to take this little blog in.

Happy 2014 everyone!

December monthly review: co-hosting and a linkup!

Happy New Year!  I’m excited to say hey! to 2014, and bye! to 2013.  Odd years are never my favorite, although 2013 was pretty good to us overall.   I’m starting 2014 off right by co-hosting the December Month in Review link party with Heather at The Frill of Life!!  Take it away Heather…

Hey y’all! Welcome to 2014.

Happy New Year

My Nephew

I love that little guy. Anyway, I’m gonna get right to it today because my brand spanking new Silhouette Cameo just arrived (I won it from Lauren at The Thinking Closet on Thanksgiving) and I want to play with it. If you’re not familiar with Lauren you should go check out her blog…especially if you own a Silhouette. Anyway, here’s a few guidelines to keep in mind if you’re here to participate in the par-tay:

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The Frill of Life
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This month I am thrilled to have Emily from Davenport DIY as my cohost. Emily was one of three awesome bloggers to score a comfy spot over there in my sidebar for a month and a half for FREE! If you follow me on Facebook you could have chances to win awesome things like that, too! Anyway, back to Emily. She has an adorable little boy who she refers to as “B”, which is also one of Bryson’s nicknames.

My name is Emily and I’m a marine biologist from Washington (state not DC) currently residing in Georgia. I really enjoy crafting and creating things in my free time (use both sides of the brain equally, right?) I’m also a huge fan of finding a good bargain. My love of all things DIY and bargain hunting turned into obsessions in 2010, due to the fact that my husband and I became first time homeowners. This was a long time coming for us, and we (especially ME) were eagerly chomping at the bit to get the home improvement projects started (my honey-do list quickly reached mammoth proportions…sorry sweetie).

In 2012 we became proud parents to a very awesome little boy we affectionately call “B”. He is the love of our lives and we cannot imagine life without him in it. Most of our current projects revolve around him (and his naps).

DavenportDIY is a way for me to document the progress of our family and DIY projects through out the years to come…

Thanks for cohosting this month, Emily!! Be sure to go follow Emily, I promise you won’t regret it! Now, for our featured posts from last month. Danielle and I both picked one of the same ones, so I had to go back and pick another one. It was really hard, y’all. There were some really awesome posts last month. Seriously.December Features

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I know Hershel over at Scrugg Bugg Corner swooped up double coverage this month…but she very much deserved it. If you haven’t been following along Herschel’s blog, I highly recommend it. It’s part of the reason that I’m late on this post…I have gotten lost in her corner of blogland at least twice this weekend. If you were featured, don’t forget to grab a button and wear it proudly in your sidebar!

The Frill of Life

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Let’s do this!

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