MORE flooring!!

I wanted to come up with a catchier title than that…but I’m drawing a blank.  Oh well.

Like I said, 2012 is a flooring year for us!  We kicked things off with the upstairs bathroom floor.  That was a fairly simple DIY project.  This next project is not a DIY, unfortunately- carpet!!!  New carpet is NOT something we wanted to DIY ourselves- so we’re leaving it to the pros.  There are too many things that can go wrong with installing carpet yourself- and mistakes can add up quickly ($$$).

The same day we were installing our floor, I had a guy come out and measure our whole house!  At some point all of our house is going to need to be re-floored in some material or another- we *think* the carpet is original to the house (although I have some doubts about that, because that would make it 23 years old and I don’t know if carpet can be that old) and is starting to slowly disintegrate- I vacuum up a little bit more of it every time I vacuum.  It still looks in decent shape for the most part (at first glance anyway), but there are stains and places where cats have decided to use it as a scratching post (or, in the case of the prior owners, a bathroom- yuck).  We had to pull the carpet back when we put in the bathroom floor and remove the transition strip.  When we did the downstairs bathroom, we just had a carpet installer come in (as a side job) and re-stretch it and re-install the transition strips, as new carpeting was not in the budget at that time.  We could have done that again this time around, but instead we opted to re-carpet!

We just ordered the carpet the other day, and it’s a special order item, so unfortunately I don’t have any ta-da, it’s finished! pictures yet.  But I can show you what we picked!!  I was highly influenced by Katie’s (at Bower Power) choice in carpet for her house- I loved the look (go check it out).  So off I went to look at it in person- no, not at Katie’s house- I wish!  (She is in Georgia though- hey Katie, can I come to your house and see your carpet in person??? ha!)  At Home Depot** (my most favorite store in the world, aside from the garden store down the street from us).  It’s Martha Stewart’s Winterthur:

See?  Pretty!!  In person I liked it even more- the middles of the diamonds are a berber-type carpet, which I like for it’s low profile and durability, and the cross-hatches are hook and loop carpet (I think that’s what it’s called).  The diamonds are only an inch in size so the pattern isn’t too loud.  And it’s oh so very soft.  And kind of fancy looking.  I showed it to the husband, and he said looks good.  Actually, he said “whatever you want is fine with me…”- don’t you love it when they say things like that?!?

Another couple of things I like about the carpet- it’s made from 25% recycled nylon- they call it cradle to cradle.  Which is awesome. And the recommended carpet pad (which we chose)?  Also recycled!!  It’s made by Nike, of all companies, and it’s called StepAhead and it’s made from recycled running shoe rubber!!  How fitting- maybe that will motivate me to get my butt out the door to run more often (I’ve been a running slacker lately)??

We brought home the entire range of colors they offer in this carpet- at first I settled on Potter’s Clay, which was a pretty, neutral “greige”

But the more I squinted at it, the more I realized it looked a lot like the carpet color we already had, and my husband wanted something darker.  So we settled on this color:

Perfect right?  Our dogs are black, why not black carpet to hide all that fur??

HAHAHA- just kidding.  No way!!!  Although it would hide the fur, that’s for sure!  We actually settled on the first picture I showed you- Wild Turkey:

It’s in the same color family as Potter’s Clay, but a darker “greige”.  Maybe a little boring to some, I know, but I think it’ll be really pretty with all the different wall colors we have going on.

We currently have 4 rooms and 13 stairs that need carpet.  We want to switch the living room from carpet to a solid surface, and continue that surface to the dining room and kitchen.  We would LOVE to do all the rooms all at once, but can’t because- 1. We’d essentially have to move out of our house to do that.  2.  We’re not made of money (although I’m still working on growing that money tree in the backyard!!).  So we’re planning to do this in stages- first, the upstairs, which is around 600 square feet.  Then, the downstairs hard surface (another 600ish square feet), and finally the two downstairs carpeted rooms (about 400 square feet).

I really, really, REALLY want to do the stairs in wood.  I drool over all the hardwood stairs on Pinterest (just look at how many wooden stairs I’ve pinned).  And I really want to do it ourselves.  BUT- the husband talked me out of it, and into keeping the carpeted stairs (with new carpet of course!), for a few reasons.  1.  We have fairly steep stairs and a 13 year old dog.  That combo makes for some dangerous trips up and down- visions of the dog (or human) falling and breaking a hip have run through our heads more than once.  We could put a carpeted runner down, but then most of the wood would get covered up- so what’s the point of doing all the work if you don’t see it.  2.  Our stairs are currently carpet and it would take A LOT of work (and money) to make them look decent.  Also A LOT of time- and there’s no good way to keep animals off the stairs while working on them.  3.  This house most likely isn’t our forever home- if it were, we might consider making the stairs hardwood.  So…sigh…looks like the stairs will be carpet.  I can’t win all the battles…but I can continue to dream about hardwood stairs!

I can’t wait to feel squishy new carpet under my toes, probably in another couple of weeks!!!  I will post pictures once that process gets started!

**Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated by this company- we just shop there A LOT, and have had great experiences with our local store.