A pumpkin hat

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Are you all looking forward to Thanksgiving?  I am!!  We’re going the non-traditional route this year food wise, since we actually already celebrated one Thanksgiving with my parents (with a turkey).  My husband is smoking ribs in his new Weber barbecue that he got as an early Christmas present.  He did a test run over the weekend on some hamburgers and they were AH-mazing.  I’ll let you know how the ribs turn out- and maybe post the recipe?  Any interest?

Anyway- a good friend of mine had a baby a few months ago (she’s the first of my close friends to have a baby) and recently she mentioned she was taking him to Washington to visit family (they live in Florida).  It’s a lot chillier up there this time of year, and she also happened to send me a link to an etsy store with some adorable baby hats.  This seemed like a subtle hint that he needed a hat.  Being a knitter, I couldn’t bring myself to buy something I knew I could make (plus I love knitting for other people- just ask her- she asked me to knit him socks when she found out she was expecting, and I knit her a blanket, teddy bear, sleep sack and 2 pairs of socks- ha!  baby stuff is so fun to knit- plus it’s small so it goes quickly).  I thought it’d be fun to knit a fall-themed hat, and I stumbled upon this pattern which seemed easily adaptable:  Berry baby hat

While we were visiting family in Bellingham, WA, I grabbed some pumpkin orange yarn at the local yarn shop to knit up a pumpkin version of the above hat.  I was in a little bit of a hurry because my friend was leaving on her trip in a couple of weeks and my parents were in town- luckily the hat knit up fairly quickly- and I neglected to take any decent pictures of it before I shoved it lovingly packed it in a box and mailed it off.  Lucky me- she sent me a picture of him in it the day she got it!

I think he likes it!!  I made it a bit roomy so it’ll fit him all winter long as his head grows.  Hopefully it’s keeping him warm and cozy this Thanksgiving!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone- hopefully you’re enjoying some time with loved ones!

Dare to DIY: My thanksgiving table

Happy Monday everyone!!  Today I’m participating in Kim at Newlywoodwards Dare to DIY party- this week it’s showing off your holiday table.

Ok, big confession.  We don’t eat at the table, except if we have guests.  I’m hoping this tradition will change once we have kids, but for now it’s just easier and more comfortable to eat in our living room.  This doesn’t mean we plop down in front of the TV- we usually sit and chat about our days, do dishes and THEN plop down in front of the TV- true story!

Anyway- because we don’t usually eat at the table, I like to decorate it.  Which means there’s not a lot of room for plates!  So I didn’t set it for these pictures- but I’m showing it off anyway.  Here’s what our table will look like for Thanksgiving this year (sorry y’all- I refuse to put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving- I will do another post showing off my Christmas table though)

Not terribly exciting, I know.  But it puts me in the fall mood!  My mother in-law made the small orange pumpkin runner.  The green runner came from my friend’s wedding a few years ago (and you’ll see it make it’s reappearance at Christmas!)  Then I put down a leaf plate, some silk leaves and mini gourds.  The vase in the center used to have acorns inside it as well- we have 5 million acorns in our yard, so I thought they’d be a great vase filler.  I washed and dried them- and they molded.  Gross.  So I tossed them.  The mini gourds don’t need acorns in there anyway, right??   The candlesticks are a thrift store find- they’re a really pretty milky green with swirls of clear green in them- you can kind of see that detail in the picture below.

And that’s my fall table- ta da!  I hope you like it- and if you have a tablescape to share, link it up to Kim’s link party!!


This past week my parents were visiting us, which explains why I’ve been MIA.  It was a great visit, though not long enough (of course!)  We were able to celebrate an early Thanksgiving and Christmas with them (there was even a tiny tree!).  One of our Thanksgiving traditions is to go around the table and say what we’re thankful for.  This year was that tradition was especially poignant, as the day before our Thanksgiving dinner, my husband had to have an emergency appendectomy (this was his first hospital stay ever).  The surgery was quick and successful and he’s recovering well at home now.  But it made me reflect on what I’m thankful for, so I thought I’d list it here:

  • Support from family and friends- we’ve had a trying year in 2011, and the support from our family and friends has been amazing.  
  • Our health- a couple of emergencies this year has made me grateful that we’re both in good health, because things could have been a lot worse if we hadn’t been.  Good health makes for a speedy recovery.
  • Good timing- while emergencies are never scheduled (nor convenient), they could have happened at a different time- what if my husband had to have surgery while we were all the way across the country in Washington?  What if my parents hadn’t been here to help out while I was at the hospital with my husband?
  • Good food- this really has nothing to do with anything else except that this time of year there’s always delicious food being cooked, and we were lucky to have my dad make some fabulous meals for us while they were visiting.  They left us stocked up with food/leftovers for the next month!!

What are you thankful for?

Warm and cozy

There’s something about this time of year that makes me want to craft- I think it’s the colder weather and shorter days.  And it’s official- I’m addicted to making things that I’ve pinned!!  This weekend I decided to whip up a quick project- my parents come to visit starting tomorrow and I’ve been running around like a crazy lady trying to get things done before they show up.  Here’s my “pinspiration” this time around:

Original sourcePinterest source.
I have a pillow in the guest room that I’ve been wanting to cover for a long time, but it’s an odd size and I didn’t really want to buy a cover for it.  Then I stumbled upon this pin, and I knew I had what it took to whip one up at home!!
I started with an old sweater (I think it was a $3-5 target purchase) and my pillow
My apologies for the poor lighting- I was working on limited time/day light
I cut the arms off, turned it inside out, and sewed a quick line across the top and sides.  Then I put the pillow inside and sewed up the end.  All in all, it took me less than 20 minutes to make, and it turned out great (if I do say so myself…)
I hope everyone has a great week- I may be MIA with the family in town, but you can bet I’ll be back to take part in Kim’s Dare to DIY party

I dare you…

Happy Friday everyone!!  And welcome, new readers.  Wow.  I never thought anyone would actually care to read about what I have to say- I’m humbled!!  Thanks for all your great comments on my Pinterest challenge projects (found here and here).

In the spirit of all this DIY, I’m participating in another challenge, this time hosted by Kim of NewlyWoodwards (If you don’t read her blog…run…don’t walk there…she and her husband have done some amazing and beautiful renovation work on their latest house…her blog is so inspiring.  I don’t know when she sleeps!!  Go now!)
So this is how this one works (borrowed this from Kim’s blog…click here to see the original post)-
Each week has a corresponding “Dare to…” challenge. Each Sunday evening, Kim will post a link on NewlyWoodwards. Post on her blog about your take on the challenge and link it up on your blog. Then, visit at least one other blog and comment!!! This is the important because we want to meet new blogger friends and get inspired. This is a PARTY. Tell us about your project, but make sure to praise others as well. On Tuesday, to help you plan, she will post inspiration for the next week’s theme. Also, search Flickr, Google and other blogs to find inspiration. And, if you have already done something that fits into a theme, link it up on that day. In other words, you don’t have to do something during the week if you have something that fits the theme.  On Friday, she will post a few of my favorites from that week.
Party Date: Monday, Nov. 14

Dare to… be thankful!

Take some time making your own DIY Thanksgiving project. It could be a fun Thanksgiving advent calendar, a banner or something completely unique. Post about what you made, how you made it and photos in its new home.
(Last year’s)

Party Date: Monday, Nov. 21
Dare to… entertain!

Show us your table! If you are not hosting Thanksgiving, take this opportunity to make your table look great. Bring out your dishes and napkins and set your table. I promise you that it will make you smile every time you walk by. Get creative and use new things. Or go true DIY and make something totally new.
(Last year’s)

Party Date: Monday, Nov. 28
Dare to… eat cookies!

As we begin to attend holiday parties, share your favorite cookie recipe for all to enjoy. It’s like a digital cookie swap. Share the recipe and a review of the cookie. If you can, add a picture. And don’t worry about the extra calories. At Christmas, cookies are calorie-free.
(Last year’s)

Party Date: Monday, Dec. 5
Dare to… give homemade gifts!

Nothing is more special than a gift made by you. Try out something new to give this year – ideas include bath and body items, kitchen gifts, hand-sewn clothing or home decor.
(Last year’s)

Party Date: Monday, Dec. 12
Dare to… deck the halls!

Make something new to deck your halls. Did you find something in a catalog that you wish you had? Wreaths, stockings, pillows or advent calendars? Make it! Inspire us all to do the same.
(Last year’s)

Party Date: Monday, Dec. 19
Dare to… have traditions!

Everyone has traditions for the Holidays. Tell us all about your favorites or start a new tradition to share.
(Last year’s)

I’m going to try my hardest to participate- I have family in town starting Monday the 7th, so the first week might be a challenge, but I’ll try!!  And all y’all should too!!

Have a great weekend everyone…