Vinyl wall quote giveaway…

You know I love me some vinyl wall art (I *might* have an addiction).  Well, the lovely folks over at Belvedere Designs (who have done the vinyl decals in our laundry room, living room and master bedroom) are having a spring giveaway!!  Go check it out here…and you should definitely consider purchasing some wall art from them- they do fabulous work!!

**Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated in any way by this company for my review- they’ve just done some fabulous work for us in the past and I wanted to share the love!

Spring fever

Spring (well, maybe summer actually) is officially here in the south- this weekend I’m pretty certain we had record breaking temperatures (think mid 80’s).  I’m a little sentimental for spring- I love how all the trees fill up with leaves, the birds are singing away in the mornings, and there are flowers everywhere.  Also, we bought our house 3/31/10- so this weekend marked 2 years in our little house!!

We’ve been slowly picking away at our backyard- last time I showed it to you, it looked like this:

Since then, we’ve added a flower bed where the trellis is (in the lower left corner of the photo above), planted a bunch of plants, mulched and added some fencing (because Kirby, our youngest dog, cannot stop chewing on my plants- seriously I cannot have anything un-fenced in the backyard thanks to him).

Here’s what things look like to date:

 First- here’s the yard taken from almost the same spot as before- look how green it is!!  And look at all that grass- we haven’t seeded the yard or anything.  I think the gravel really helped with the erosion that was occurring in our yard, caused by a slight hill, a gutter and the torrential rain that we get around here.  Also keeping the leaves picked up has really helped as well.

 Here’s the flowerbed with the trellises- there are 4 blueberry plants in there along with 6 strawberry plants- I can’t wait for all the fresh fruit we’re going to get from them!!

 This is the flowerbed on the other side of the deck, which currently has 2 rosemary, 2 lavender and another plant that I’m forgetting the name of.  I also planted some corn and beans in there, just to try something different- we’ll see what happens.

And a couple of shots from above, just for fun:

Did you get out in the yard over the weekend?

Thrifty Decor Chick