Good things come to those who wait…

Oh it’s SO hard to be patient!  These boxes have been taunting me since last Wednesday:

The flooring guys came today and started their tear/out install, but they didn’t make it to the actual installation process (insert huge sad face here). That’s because around noon today, our living room floor looked like this:

No, that’s not some weird modern area rug- that’s thin set to help level out our subfloor.  This whole room was covered with carpet before, and carpet hides a lot of imperfections in the subfloor.  Solid surface flooring does not (although vinyl is more forgiving than laminate or hardwood)- and a lot of the plywood subfloor pieces formed ridges where they met, so the installers poured thin set over the top to gradually decrease the ridge.  That has to dry all day, so after they poured it, they left for the day.  They’ll be back tomorrow to actually install the floor.  I have to work, so T is staying home with the installers, which means when I get home, there should be a pretty new floor waiting for me!!  Let’s just say, I can’t wait!  Here’s a close up of what I’ve been dealing with since we bought the house almost two years ago:

Apologies for the terrible cell phone picture.  The weird black dots to the right are where someone left a vacuum cleaner running and the beater bar ripped small holes in the floor.  The floor also never looks clean- even after I mop it- so I just gave up awhile ago because it actually makes me angry whenever I mop our floor.  See what I mean- this is freshly mopped:

Barf.  It’s especially dirty where the quarter round was.  When we bought the house we scrubbed and scrubbed this floor and it never got better.  I just used a lot of area rugs to cover up the particularly nasty spots.  So I’m looking forward to a clean and shiny new floor- soon!!  I promise an update with lots of pictures once it’s all done!


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