This post has absolutely nothing to do with DIY.  To tell you the truth, I’m a little stuck on what I should be writing about next as far as house projects go (and I’m also lacking in the photography department) so I’m going out on a limb here and writing about something completely different!  Hey, it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to, right?  FYI- I’m open to all suggestions- anything you want to see/read about in my house?

So anyway- aside from DIY and my full time job, I do have some other hobbies.  I like to knit, try really hard to sew (but am not very good, much to my mother/sister -in-law’s disappointment), I love to read and I do agility with 2 of my doggies.  One thing I just recently discovered I really enjoy doing is running.  I actually have been running on and off for quite awhile now, more steadily since 2009.  I’ve even run 3 races- a 5K in 2009, a half-marathon (!!) in 2010 and a 15K in 2011.  But just recently I discovered that I really like it.  My big “aha” moment?  I fell.  Ha!  I totally tripped on a sidewalk half way through a 5mi run (probably because I wasn’t paying attention) and bit it big time- I was bleeding from my knee and elbow.  And you know what I did?  I got up and kept running.  That was when I realized I was a runner!

I also have been running pain free since July of this year.  What changed?  My shoes!

Vibram Five Fingers- Bikila LS**

So I thought (and still think) that these look bizarre.  BUT- a friend of mine started running in them after having a bad case of shin splints, and REI was having a sale/I had a dividend- so I caved.  And I am SO glad I did.  Before switching to these, I had constant, sometimes severe, knee pain.  I wore a knee brace on every run and had pain going up/down stairs.  Now- absolutely no pain.  Buh bye knee brace!!  I’ve never been happier- and running has never felt better!!

These shoes definitely take some breaking in time- don’t expect to put them on and go out for a 5 mile run the first day.  They make you run differently, and work your calf muscles like crazy- break them in SLOWLY.  I ran 1 lap around a track the first time I ran in them, and the next day my calves were KILLING me.  Seriously.  Take it slow- otherwise you can get injured.

Here’s some good links about barefoot running, for those interested/curious about running barefoot:

Harvard University:  Running barefoot
Barefoot Running: FAQ
Wired Science FiveFingers running review

That’s all I’ve got for now- don’t expect this blog to turn into a running blog, but I might throw in a random post now and again!

What sort of hobbies do you have?  Any other runners out there?

**Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated in any way by this company for this post.