Family photos

By now, most folks I’ve sent these out to have received them (I hope…and, I apologize in advance about the mess that my cards will make in your house- my couch was covered in glitter after doing these.  Never again will I use a glitter card!!)

Anyway- about a week before B’s 1st birthday, I noticed a local photographer was offering one of her monthly photo mini sessions.  A friend of mine had used this same photographer for family photos, and I’d been drooling over them- Anna is super talented with her photography!!

The timing just happened to work out perfectly- I’d been doing B’s monthly photo shoots on the blanket I made him (I did actually keep up with doing them, I just didn’t keep up with blogging about them), and wanted his last photo on the blanket to be a professional one.  It was only fitting, seeing as his first photo with the blanket was also professional:


Photo by Bella Baby Photography

It was also a great excuse to get some really great photos of our little family of three!!  Anna is so super fast with her photo processing that we got the cd of all of our professionally edited photos within 2 weeks of our mini session (and Thanksgiving was right after our session- I am super impressed)  And you know what?  I love them ALL.  She captured our sweet, serious B perfectly.  So, thank you Anna!  Locals, if you need a photographer, check her out!!

Here are a few of my favorites (all photos by Anna at aicreative):

The Christmas card photo (I’m also using this, in black and white, for my DIY canvas trick)

The birthday boy on his blanket

Sweet B with his balloon

Nothing sweeter than a boy and his daddy…

Except maybe a boy and his mommy

love those blue/grey eyes

Standin’- what this boy does best!!

Beautiful right??  Maybe I’m just biased…but seriously.  I had a hard time choosing which ones to print, they were all amazing.

Happy Holidays friends- I’m going to be fairly quiet on the blog for the rest of 2013, spending some much needed down time with family who are in town.  I hope you are able to do the same!!  See y’all in the new year!

Life lately

I’d like to start using the blog as a way to remember little things that B does- life happens so quickly and I know the things he does now will be easily forgotten as he gets older…


I finally put up some fall decorations- nothing too exciting, just some stuff on the mantle.  I did it while B was napping and when I brought him downstairs from his nap he sat there and stared and stared at the mantle.  I love that he’s beginning to notice when things change in his every day surroundings.

This little boy has the BEST sense of humor- he’s enjoying practicing walking right now, and we were walking around the house together.  I would stomp my feet and say “STOMP” and he would just break down in a fit of giggles.  I love his little laugh!!  I can already see the little boy in him coming out too- the other night he was in the bath tub and tooted (or “poofied” as his grandma calls it).  It was quite loud- and made me laugh.  So then he laughed.  Which made him toot again.  And laugh some more.  Oh my goodness.


Over the weekend we went to a nearby animal sanctuary, and B had a pretty good time.  He didn’t want to be strapped in the stroller (after having just been strapped in the carseat) so I carried him most of the time.  He’s pushing 25lbs which gets heavy after a couple of minutes.  I can’t wait until he can walk!!  I think he really liked the deer that we saw there- he pointed at them a lot, which is his new favorite thing to do.  He also stared and stared at the turkeys and bald eagles.

Then we went to the park and did some swinging!!  His first time on the swings- I think he loved it:


And that’s life lately- how was your weekend?

Selbu modern

Wow- sorry for the un-intentional blog silence- technical difficulties with photos and an extremely busy week has left me little time for blogging.  I wanted to blog about a Christmas present (I know I know, Christmas is over and done with- boo!) that I made for my sister.  A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon the Selbu Modern hat pattern.  I immediately thought of my sister and knit her one with a grey background and white pattern (see photo here).  Apparently it’s become her favorite hat- and this year she requested a new one in a different color.  I was happy to oblige- this pattern is fairly easy to follow and the results are stunning.  I chose to make one with a white background and a burgundy pattern.  I really like Paton’s Angora Bamboo yarn for this pattern- it’s super soft and squishy, and I knit the hat on a size 2 US needle which makes it a nice heavy, warm hat.  The yarn does get a little halo about it when worked with, which was a little unfortunate for this hat because the red and white yarn made a pink-ish halo.  It doesn’t seem too noticeable, so fingers crossed it doesn’t happen more as the hat gets worn. 

Ok enough chatter- want to see the final result?  Of course you do!

The hat isn’t really that pointy- it’s folded in thirds for the photo to get the pattern to show up

A top down view- you can see the pink-ish halo the best in this photo.

And my sister’s response?  She loved it!  Hooray!!  Of course she does already own one, so I figured she’d like it!!  Just in case though, I stalked her Pinterest boards and got her a couple of things from there as well- such a handy way to get someone something they really like!!

Happy Friday everyone- I’ll be back in a day or two with a project we have going on here at home- now that the holidays are over, it’s back to work fixing things up around here!!

A pumpkin hat

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Are you all looking forward to Thanksgiving?  I am!!  We’re going the non-traditional route this year food wise, since we actually already celebrated one Thanksgiving with my parents (with a turkey).  My husband is smoking ribs in his new Weber barbecue that he got as an early Christmas present.  He did a test run over the weekend on some hamburgers and they were AH-mazing.  I’ll let you know how the ribs turn out- and maybe post the recipe?  Any interest?

Anyway- a good friend of mine had a baby a few months ago (she’s the first of my close friends to have a baby) and recently she mentioned she was taking him to Washington to visit family (they live in Florida).  It’s a lot chillier up there this time of year, and she also happened to send me a link to an etsy store with some adorable baby hats.  This seemed like a subtle hint that he needed a hat.  Being a knitter, I couldn’t bring myself to buy something I knew I could make (plus I love knitting for other people- just ask her- she asked me to knit him socks when she found out she was expecting, and I knit her a blanket, teddy bear, sleep sack and 2 pairs of socks- ha!  baby stuff is so fun to knit- plus it’s small so it goes quickly).  I thought it’d be fun to knit a fall-themed hat, and I stumbled upon this pattern which seemed easily adaptable:  Berry baby hat

While we were visiting family in Bellingham, WA, I grabbed some pumpkin orange yarn at the local yarn shop to knit up a pumpkin version of the above hat.  I was in a little bit of a hurry because my friend was leaving on her trip in a couple of weeks and my parents were in town- luckily the hat knit up fairly quickly- and I neglected to take any decent pictures of it before I shoved it lovingly packed it in a box and mailed it off.  Lucky me- she sent me a picture of him in it the day she got it!

I think he likes it!!  I made it a bit roomy so it’ll fit him all winter long as his head grows.  Hopefully it’s keeping him warm and cozy this Thanksgiving!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone- hopefully you’re enjoying some time with loved ones!

Meet the Davenports!

Happy Monday everyone!  I for one am glad this day is almost over- work things made it a rough start to the week, but I made it through.

So I have yet to properly introduce myself and the rest of my family, even though you’ve seen some of us appear a few times on the blog.  Without further adieu, meet the Davenports:

Photo by Maggie Fan Photography

From left to right we have:  Kirby, Tim, Jackson, Ellie and myself (Emily).  We also have two kitties, Amber and Tweaker (yeah, weird name I know.  Trust me, it fits her!).  Here they are in my car on our drive across the country (Amber’s on the left, Tweaker on the right):

Let’s see- I’ll give you a quick crash course.  Tim and I met in Washington (state, not district!) in 2003 while I was an undergrad.  We got married in 2006 and moved to Georgia in 2009 from Washington.  We bought our house in 2010.

Jackson is the oldest “child” at 12 years- he’ll be 13 in 2012.  Tim has had Jackson since he was a baby.  He’s kind of a high maintenance dog, but we love him anyway.  He’s extremely thunder phobic, which we didn’t discover until we moved somewhere that actually had thunder.  He’s chewed through chain link and plywood and is now 7 teeth lighter than when we moved here- life is very exciting having him around.  He still loves life though and we joke that he’s going to live forever. 

Amber and Tweaker are sisters and are 8 years old this year.  Tim got them when we were dating- I like to say I married into having pets, since all I had were fish when we first met.  Not that I mind!  These ladies are super sweet and more like dogs than cats.

Ellie is 2 and the spoiled brat of the family- she’s very sweet but stubborn.  She’s a pound dog- we got her when she was 5 weeks old from our local pound.  She’s also what they call a “Georgia black dog”- a black, mixed breed dog.  That’s typically the most common dog to find at the pound and also the least likely to be adopted.  She and I do agility together, although lately her stubbornness has gotten in the way so we’re taking a break from that right now- she’d much rather prefer to play ball in our back yard anyway!  Here’s a fun action shot of her though, when she wants to behave for me! 

Photo by Maggie Fan Photography

Kirby is the youngest and newest member of our family- we adopted him in June of this year.  He’s 1 years old and was an owner surrender at our pound- when animal control went to pick him up, they found his brother dead in a crate.  So sad!!  We think Kirby has spent the majority of his life in a crate, but this doesn’t seem to get him down in any way.  He is the happiest, friendliest dog I have ever met.  And he has energy to spare.  We just got him started in agility so hopefully he can focus some of that energy!  My favorite part about him is his tail- it looks like a pom-pom and we joke that he carries his own personal cheerleading squad with him wherever he goes:

Kirby on the deck, prior to staining it!

Along the way we lost a family member- actually on the drive from Washington to Georgia.  Ty was 8 and Tim also got him as a puppy, when Jackson was 2.  We’re not 100% certain what he had, but he got sick suddenly right before our move, and by the time we hit Texas we knew we had to put him down.  I like to think a little part of him lives in Ellie and Kirby- I can definitely see his spirit in both of them.  We still miss him like crazy- 8 is too young!!

That completes my family- I hope you enjoyed “meeting” everyone.  One day hopefully we’ll add a non-furry child to that list!

What about you- do you have any fur-kids?  non-fur kids?