Pinterest challenge: fall 2012 edition. Nursery bookshelves

It’s been awhile since I participated in one of these challenges (see my previous attempts here and here), hosted by Sherry, Katie and 2 guest bloggers (this time around it’s Sarah and Carmel).  I figured it was about time to get back on the bandwagon, since I’m always pinning something- and I actually do re-create a lot of what I pin.

You saw the nursery awhile back– one thing I mentioned wanting to add in there were some bookshelves, preferably in the dormer (the goal is for it to be a little reading nook one day).  I’m a huge reader, as is my entire family (T isn’t so much although I do catch him with his nose buried in a book every once in awhile), so I’m hoping that our little guy shares a love for books as well.  However, I didn’t want to just stick a freestanding bookshelf in there and call it a day.  I’ve had my eye on this style of shelf for quite awhile now:
Source– the link has super great instructions on how to make these yourself

This little project kept getting put on the back burner, as we had lots of other commitments keeping us busy.  I actually was going to break down and just buy similar shelves (you can find them at Ikea) but that meant driving to Ikea…which isn’t super close by.  I finally mentioned to T that I wanted to do this after we received a bunch of books at one of our baby showers- and being the super awesome husband that he is, he took on the entire project (and did a MUCH better job than I would have). 

I love this project because it wasn’t expensive (I believe I spent around $12 on the wood and we had everything else on hand) and we could customize them to our walls.  We ended up going with a 32″ length shelf, and did 3 of them.  It took T about a week to make them, as he was very slow and methodical about the whole process- he cut out all the boards one day, then glued/nailed each shelf together after work (one shelf per day), then spent a couple of days painting them- he did several thin coats so there are no drips.  I, of course, didn’t get any photos of the process (face palm), so you’ll just have to settle for the finished product (and of course, click this link to see how to make them because this is the tutorial we followed)

The lowest shelf is about 3ft off the ground- hopefully around toddler eye level.  And I could hang my entire body weight from these shelves and they wouldn’t come off the wall- they are anchored in there well, so I’m not worried about our little guy deciding to be an acrobat and ripping them off the wall one day.

A closer look at all the books and other stuff- some of the books are from our childhood- and the little dish on the very top was mine growing up (it’s Peter Rabbit).   

I know the book selection will change as he grows up- and hopefully it’ll grow as well!  What do you think??

A small change

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope everyone had an excellent weekend- did anybody do some Halloween celebrating?  I was planning on it and then wussed out at the last minute- I’m blaming being almost 37wks pregnant though…good excuse right??

Speaking of that- we are in full blown nesting mode around our house, with 3 weeks left (or less? more?) until baby D’s arrival.  And by “we” I mean both myself and my husband (I think he’s actually nesting more than I am).  This past weekend was one of the only weekends we had completely free in the past couple of months- no childbirth classes, football games, baby showers, agility trials, etc.  Normal people would probably spend it relaxing, because we don’t have many relaxing weekends left.  But not T.  He was a man on a mission this weekend.

The mission?  Replace the laundry room floor.

The laundry is the very last room in our house to have the floor replaced- and I can now say that we have re-done every. single. surface in our house.  Aside from the windows and doors.  Seriously.  You can read more about our flooring adventures here, here, here, here, here and here (whew, that’s a lot of posts about floors). 

Here’s a reminder of what our laundry looked like until recently:

It had the same flooring that our kitchen had in it- cream colored linoleum that had lost its shine and was dirty and scuffed.  Luckily, between the washer/dryer and the runner (which was really just some carpet tiles from T’s work stuck down with tape), you didn’t see most of the floor.  So we just let it be.  And I kind of figured we wouldn’t do anything in this room, until T mentioned wanting to re-do the floor a few months ago.
Luckily, we were able to do this cheaply.  We had some flooring left over from the kitchen/living room re-do.  If you remember, we actually got our money back on this flooring due to it showing scratches from doggy nails.  We figured out that we needed to purchase one extra box of flooring in order to do the laundry room, so we decided to use the same flooring in here.  Yes, I know I just mentioned that this flooring shows scratches- but it’s already in ~50% of our house, most of it was free flooring since we got our money back, and the majority of the floor will be covered up by the washer/dryer.  Also, this floor tends to only show scratches in one direction- usually whatever direction the sun is shining on it.  Seeing as there is no natural light in the laundry room, the amount of actual scratches that show up should be extremely minimal.  
Anyway- blah blah blah.  On to the actual floor!  T prepped everything last week (pulling quarter round, removing the door)- and we both did our laundry during the middle of the week (why yes, T does do his own laundry.  Back off ladies) in preparation of the washer/dryer being out of the room all weekend.  Friday the washer/dryer came out thanks to the help of a friend- and actually by the time I got home from work T was already getting started.  He was a floor laying fool, and by Saturday morning it was completely done, with the exception of the quarter round.  By Sunday (before football started even) the room was completely back together!!  Care to see?
My husband is amazing.  AMAZING.  The only thing I did in here was put the runner down (this room is the main pass through from the garage to the kitchen- and the garage is where the dogs eat/spend most of their day, so some sort of carpet is a necessity otherwise they’ll just slip and fall).  As you can see, I took advantage of the washer/dryer being back to do a load of laundry!
I’m so glad this is finished (with zero nagging on my part- this was 100% T’s project/idea)- and of course it just wouldn’t have been feasible to do after baby D shows up- we’ll be doing laundry ALL THE TIME once he arrives! 
And just in case anyone is interested in the flooring info- it’s Trafficmaster Allure vinyl flooring in “Tradition” from Home Depot.  This type of flooring works really well in places like the laundry room, as any leaks from the washer/hot water heater won’t damage the floor. We have it in the kitchen/living room as well, plus a “tile” version of it in the bathrooms.  While I’m not thrilled with the way it’s held up in the kitchen/living room with regards to the dogs and their nails- the “tile” version has held up fabulously in the bathrooms and still looks awesome (some of it has been installed for over 2 years now).  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the “tile” to anyone looking for an inexpensive, easy way to re-do a floor.  
Thanks for stopping by!!

Fall color

One thing I enjoy about living in the south is the fall weather- no more humidity, cool nights but warm days, leaves changing colors- ahhh.  Don’t get me wrong, I love grey, rainy, cold Pacific Northwest fall days (yes I like the grey weather- I know I’m weird), but I am enjoying what the south has to offer as well.  I especially love that there are fall flowers- flowers!  In the fall!  Amazing.  It only took me almost 4 years of living here to jump on that bandwagon- and I have to say, I am so glad I finally did. 

A few weeks ago I purchased some metal planters to hang on the railings of our deck, on sale at Lowes (and then they sat in my car for a couple of weeks- whoops).  Our deck is the only spot in our back yard that gets a decent amount of sun exposure- the garden spot, while in theory a great idea, has become more hassle than it’s worth to keep anything alive in there and is actually going to be taken down later this year (I’m envisioning a swing set in its place, one day).  With a new baby on the way, I know there won’t be time for full scale gardening next year, so I thought some pots/planters on the deck would tide me over until I can figure something else out.  I also know I won’t have the time/energy to take care of any fall veggies in a few weeks (oh yeah, did I mention we have 1 month until baby?!?), but I wanted to get the planters out of my car put the planters up on the deck.  That’s when I remembered I can plant fall flowers!!  So off I went to the store to find some fall color…and I love the results…

Pansies…decorative kale…some edible collards (I couldn’t resist) and the white stuff that I can’t remember the name of make a nice fall mix

A view from below- there’s 4 planters but only 3 in this shot.  Excuse all the leaves…

I love the light in the evenings during fall…

For about $20 I am pleased with how much this jazzed up our back deck for fall!! 

Anybody else doing any fall planting?

Baby shower

This past weekend a very good friend of mine threw us a fabulous baby shower, and I just thought I’d share a few of the details.  We had a co-ed/virtual shower- it turned out great, despite some small Skype technical difficulties- but we were able to video conference with a bunch of family and friends from the west coast which was pretty special. 

The decor:

The cake (look familiar?)
The presents (this child is SPOILED ROTTEN.  And yes, that is a bear riding a motorcycle made out of diapers.  Awesome.):
Another look at the bear because he’s hilarious:
 We are lucky to have some very crafty friends and family, and baby D got some beautiful handmade items…
T’s sister made this gorgeous quilt:
A friend of mine from work made these onesies (his name is appliqued along the bottom but I’m not sharing what it is…yet):
And my aunt made these canvases- a fun back story to them.  She designs for Pottery Barn Kids, and made a few mock ups of these canvases for PBK’s spring “neutral nursery” line.  Unfortunately I can’t find the link for them online, but she did send me the catalog page so I’ll try to scan that in and share.  She keeps all her mock ups, and thought we’d appreciate these particular ones in baby D’s room.  They fit in really well- I love them, and love that we have some of her original art in his room!!
See- spoiled ROTTEN.  I spent most of Sunday organizing everything and washing all the clothes/blankets he got.  I can’t believe we have less than 6 weeks until he makes his appearance (give or take a couple of weeks- although I’m hoping he bakes in there as long as possible).  T said the other day- “I can’t wait until he gets here so I have someone to play with.”  Haha- he might have to wait a little while to play with him, but I’m glad to hear he’s enthusiastic!
Just for fun/to end the post- a 34wk belly shot.  I haven’t been good about taking belly pics (all that morning sickness killed that idea really quickly) but I try to do a quick one on my phone every couple of weeks.  I think it’s hilarious that, in certain shirts, I don’t look pregnant from the front but then I turn to the side and BAM- all baby belly.  I also feel like the belly has grown A LOT in the last couple of weeks, although I’ve always measured right on track.  It just seems like it’s more pronounced lately…
How was your weekend??