And how was YOUR weekend?  haha

Actually mine was pretty spicy- food wish anyway.  My jalapeno plants decided all of a sudden to grow a million (no exaggeration here folks, none at all…) peppers all at once, so I picked as many as I could on Saturday.  See:

Then I chopped them up and pickled/canned them- because there was no way we were going to consume that many before they went bad!  I used some pre-mixed dill pickle spice and just diluted it down from the guidelines with a little extra water, to make sure they didn’t taste like dill pickles instead of jalapenos! 

For dinner on Saturday, I made spicy open faced pulled pork sandwiches, using leftover pork from a pork shoulder I cooked a week ago- we have been eating that all week.  Usually when we do a pork shoulder, we do 2 nights of sliced pork with roasted veggies, then 2 more nights of cubed pork in gravy with mushrooms, over rice (my husband’s favorite- he would eat this every day if I let him…) and then I cook the remaining in the crock pot with bbq sauce and shred it.  This makes for a fairly cheap (and delicious) week of meals.  For our sandwiches, I used Williamson Brother’s BBQ sauce– they’re located a little under 2 hours from us (their bbq is delicious) and you can buy their sauce at the grocery store.  I tried out their spicy chipotle sauce this time and it was really good.  I topped the pork with spicy habanero cheese (can you tell we like spice at my house?!?) and it was spicy enough to get a good sweat going!  I wish I’d taken a photo but they were inhaled by both of us!

My garden has also been producing an abundance of sweet potatoes, which I’m super excited about (if you remember, they’ve been taking over my garden with their vines- I was going to be sorely disappointed if there wasn’t any potatoes in the ground after all that!!), so I decided to make sweet potato fries, via a recipe that I pinned on Pinterest.

The sweet potato harvest so far!

The fries were decent- they could have been a little crispier but I’d definitely make them again.  The dipping sauce added more kick to our day of spice- cayenne, sriracha sauce and mayo- yum!  Again no pics because those were inhaled too.

We finished off the day with a fire and s’mores in the backyard- I love where we’re located because we can have a fire and no one can even see it.  It’s just barely cool enough out for a fire, but who can resist s’mores?!?

Kirby enjoyed his first s’mores fire- we’ve only had him about 3 months, so he’s new to the whole backyard fire fun. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend- ours was excellent, although I’m still breathing a little fire after our day of spice- ha!