Chevron baby blanket

When I started to get really good at knitting, I imagined knitting my first born child all sorts of things- sweaters, booties, blankets, stuffed animals.  A very good friend of mine had a baby in 2011 and I kind of went crazy knitting things for him- she asked for socks, so I made a blanket, sleep sack and teddy bear before remembering she wanted socks (I whipped up a couple pairs at the last minute- phew!)

A few more friends have had babies since hers, and I’ve made blankets and sleep sacks for them.  Now that my child is about 3 weeks (!!) away from his due date…I’ve made him a sleep sack and a blanket.  Wop wop- there went my lofty goals!  In my defense, my back has not been happy this pregnancy and I tend to hunch over when I knit, making the problem worse.  And in the last couple of weeks, carpal tunnel has set in, making 2 of my right hand fingers completely numb (this is awesome by the way).  Pregnancy is NOT for the weak.  I’m definitely looking forward to having my old body back- or at least sensation in all of my fingers again.

I did at least knit a couple of things- and I also have been a sewing fiend, so I haven’t completely failed my unborn son yet (ha).  The blanket I made was another Pinterest inspired design:

chevron baby blanket by danamadeit (original pattern from purlbee)
Source– original pattern found here

I liked it because it was simple, colorful and reminded me of a blanket we have that was mine as a baby (chevron is making a come back, oh yeah!)  The pattern was easy to follow, but definitely not something I could just mindlessly knit because it requires you to count stitches- I can’t tell you how many times I messed up a row because I was talking and not counting.  I also used a smaller gauge than the pattern called for, so mine has thinner/more rows- but I loved how it turned out:

It’s bright and bold- but so soft and squishy.  This is going to be a good one for snuggling up in during a cold winter day.  It’s coming to the hospital with us, and I’m hoping we’ll get a few good photos of him wrapped up in it- it does photograph really nicely.  And of course, the yarn (Caron Simply Soft) is completely machine wash/dry friendly, and seems to get softer the more you wash it.  I knit all my baby gifts with this yarn and it definitely stands up to all the washing.

Happy first day of November everyone!!