Weekday mornings

Our bedroom is right across the (tiny) hall from B’s room.  There is also a bathroom up there, between the rooms.  Every weekday morning, I wake up and tiptoe into the bathroom to get ready for work before B wakes up.  I also wait until I close the bathroom door to turn on the light, because the light shines directly into his room otherwise.

Even though he sleeps with a white noise machine, there are a few noises that can still be heard in his room- and because he usually wakes up around 6:30/6:45, his sleep is lightest at this time of day, so even though he’s a good sleeper I still make an effort to be quiet.

Without fail, it seems like this time of the morning is like a magnet to all of our animals.  One of our cats (Amber) loves getting ready with me in the morning (seriously- she sits on the counter and watches me get ready.  It’s cute, but a little weird).  Lately, she’s figured out what time I wake up and will greet me as I walk out of our bedroom with a very loud meow.  Repeatedly.  Until we go into the bathroom together (this is one of the things that can be heard in B’s room over the noise machine).

Then the other cat, Tweaker, figures out I’m in the bathroom and suddenly decides she wants in, so will proceed to rip at the carpet outside until I open the door (this little cat is anything but polite).  I have to turn the light off to open the door- so then she won’t come in the room without a lot of coaxing.

Some mornings, like this morning, Ellie decides she wants to join in the fun.  Normally she sleeps downstairs, but lately she’s decided she wants to come into our bedroom.  So she will either sit outside our door and go “hrrrrrrmmmmmm” loudly until someone lets her in.  Or- like this morning- she’ll sit outside and cough loudly (I swear this dog is part human)

It’s a wonder B sleeps through it all most days- but come on animals, give me a break!!  I just want to get ready in peace!!