Before and after magic

I love before and after photos- so I whipped up a couple for y’all to enjoy!  Sorry it’s taken me SO long to get to this post- getting the area rug from FedEx to our house was a multi-day process (grumble grumble) and it took longer to get everything set up than we expected (of course).  So without further adieu…

The dining room transformation:

The kitchen transformation:

The living room transformation:

Linking up!!

What do you think??

Hangin’ in there

Thanks for sticking with me everyone!  I STILL don’t have any photos of the finished living room/kitchen/dining room, partially because I was out of town last week for work and partially because things aren’t finished yet!  Ha!  My extremely hard working husband took on the daunting task of caring for 5 animals and laying quarter round while I was out of town (on top of a full time job).  Yesterday I did some touch up painting on the baseboard and quarter round, and today, a new area rug arrives which means we can FINALLY put everything back together!  I hope to have photos of the final lay out by the end of the week, but we’ll see how that goes.  In the mean time- here’s some photos of other things to tide you over!

The rug we chose- 10’x13′- it’s huge, but should fill the space better than our old rug did, which we sold on Craigslist
The next few pictures are from the Savannah area, where I was for work:

And to be really random- a photo of my dog at an agility trial!  We went to a trial in Savannah after work was done for the week- she didn’t place or even qualify in any of the events she was entered in unfortunately, but we got some good photos out of it at least!
Ellie, my little stinker-pants
That’s all the random I have for everyone- hope y’all had a great weekend!!


Home renovation projects are always exciting to me, no matter how big or small.  I think that’s one of my most favorite things to read about in people’s blogs.  And through the magic of the internet, it always looks so easy- here’s the before, here’s the after- tada!!!  But what you don’t see is all the behind the scenes craziness.  Take our last few flooring projects for example- betcha didn’t know we’ve been living with our house in some state of un-finishedness (is that a word??  it is now!) for the past 6 weeks!!   Installing the bathroom floor happened in a day- but the quarter round was out of there at least a week before the flooring went it.  And after it all got put back together, the transition strip in the doorway was missing until we got the new carpet, which meant we were constantly watching our feet when walking through the doorway so we wouldn’t trip on the carpet.

Getting new carpet wasn’t as simple as ripping out the old and putting in the new.  ALL the furniture had to be moved out, and we wanted to do some paint touch-ups in the room before the carpet went in.  Then we had to touch up all the baseboards after the carpet was installed.  We’ve had the new carpet in for 2 weeks now and the upstairs just went back to normal over the weekend!!

Then we had the downstairs re-floored last week, and our stove and fridge lived in the garage for almost a week.  Most of our living room furniture is still (as of today) residing in our front bedroom while T works to put down quarter round.  Don’t worry though- there is a chair in there for one person and the dogs have their beds, so at least some of the family can be comfy!!  See:

Break time!

My point in writing all of this is not to complain- I am SO grateful for the ability to make these improvements to our house.  This is more of a reminder to myself and others out there that DIY (and even not so DIY projects) always cause disturbance- and for some reason, I’m surprised at how much disturbance.  Every. Single. Time.  You’d think I’d have it figured out by now!!

Sneak peek!

Because I can’t wait until it’s all put back together to show it off…I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking again here:

About half way there!

You can see the dining room is done- the flooring looks very orange in this picture- it’s not.

A close up of the new carpet (on the stairs) and the new floor- this gives you a good idea of the flooring color

A shot of the kitchen- again, the flooring color is off in this picture.  It’s actually very similar to the cabinet color, both have a lot of color variation to them
Done done and done!!

Lookin’ good!  I even have a hard time believing it’s vinyl honestly…

Now we just need to put down a ton of quarter round and touch up the trim paint and move all the furniture back in!  Easy right?  Ha!  We spent most of last night cleaning and polishing the floor- it’s recommended to strip off the original wax finish with a vinyl cleaner and then put down a couple thin coats of polish to protect the floor.  The polish removed any scuffs that were made in the original finish by the installers- and if we get new scuffs/scratches in the finish (dog nails!) we just apply a tiny bit of the polish with a sponge to remove them.

Can’t wait to move things back in- although our living room feels HUGE right now! 

Good things come to those who wait…

Oh it’s SO hard to be patient!  These boxes have been taunting me since last Wednesday:

The flooring guys came today and started their tear/out install, but they didn’t make it to the actual installation process (insert huge sad face here). That’s because around noon today, our living room floor looked like this:

No, that’s not some weird modern area rug- that’s thin set to help level out our subfloor.  This whole room was covered with carpet before, and carpet hides a lot of imperfections in the subfloor.  Solid surface flooring does not (although vinyl is more forgiving than laminate or hardwood)- and a lot of the plywood subfloor pieces formed ridges where they met, so the installers poured thin set over the top to gradually decrease the ridge.  That has to dry all day, so after they poured it, they left for the day.  They’ll be back tomorrow to actually install the floor.  I have to work, so T is staying home with the installers, which means when I get home, there should be a pretty new floor waiting for me!!  Let’s just say, I can’t wait!  Here’s a close up of what I’ve been dealing with since we bought the house almost two years ago:

Apologies for the terrible cell phone picture.  The weird black dots to the right are where someone left a vacuum cleaner running and the beater bar ripped small holes in the floor.  The floor also never looks clean- even after I mop it- so I just gave up awhile ago because it actually makes me angry whenever I mop our floor.  See what I mean- this is freshly mopped:

Barf.  It’s especially dirty where the quarter round was.  When we bought the house we scrubbed and scrubbed this floor and it never got better.  I just used a lot of area rugs to cover up the particularly nasty spots.  So I’m looking forward to a clean and shiny new floor- soon!!  I promise an update with lots of pictures once it’s all done!


I’m sure y’all are getting sick of hearing me talk about…you guessed it…flooring!  But I’m not quite done yet.  We have round two of flooring installations happening on Monday!!  The lucky rooms receiving the treatment this time are the living room, kitchen and dining room.  When deciding on flooring (there’s SO many options choose from) I pulled from some Pinterest inspiration:



Can you tell by my inspiration photos which way we’re planning on going?  Yup- all wood tones.  Our kitchen cabinets were a big selling feature for us, so we’re planning on leaving them the medium wood tone that they are.  I didn’t want do tile (or the Allure vinyl “tile” that we did in the bathrooms).  My goal, since all three rooms are somewhat connected, is to try and make them more of a cohesive  space- right now the kitchen and dining room have a really awful old dirty looking linoleum and the living room is carpet.  So we’re doing wood floors.  Well- “wood” floors actually.  The budget doesn’t allow for real wood- and we don’t want to do laminate because of the water issue- we have an ice maker and then the dishwasher, plus a door that gets a lot of traffic from the dogs.  I’ve read some really bad things about laminate and water and it just sounds like a terrible combination.  So we’re doing more vinyl.  I know- it sounds weird and something that might not be great for resale.  But Allure makes a really realistic looking vinyl plank- and it’s gotten some amazing reviews.  Jen at IheartOrganizing used it in her entire basement after it flooded- it’s beautiful!  It’s supposed to hold up really well to water, foot traffic and dogs.  We’ll see because in it goes on Monday! 

Based on my inspirations and the amount of natural light we get in our house, I knew I didn’t want a dark wood.  I’ve also heard the darker wood colors show every single speck of dirt and dust.  I wanted to choose something either very similar in color to our cabinets or slightly lighter.  So we brought home a ton of samples and held them up to the cabinets, furniture, walls, trim, etc.  Here’s the winner:

It’s called “Tradition” and looks a tiny bit on the rustic side, but not enough to look like a cabin floor.  It’s very similar to our kitchen cabinet color, and light enough so it won’t make our house look like a cave.  And there are currently 27 boxes of it sitting in the office!

I’ll be back with photos of the install soon- have a great weekend everyone!!