A tour!

So there are still a few things missing, and I’m sure once we have a baby shower it’ll fill up with all sorts of goodies, but for now I’m calling baby D’s room “done”.  First, let me remind you what this room used to look like when we looked at the house….

Sorry for the bad photos- these were taken from the real estate listing.  The paint job was horrible/dirty, gold hardware was everywhere and the carpet had all sorts of mystery stains.  For the longest time we didn’t do anything about this room- we just put a baby gate up (to keep the dogs out) and made it a cat room.  About a year and a half ago, we started talking about having a baby, so we got to work!  The decal (from Leen the Graphics Queen), which was sort of the inspiration for the entire room.  I knew I wanted it to have a nature theme (without being too theme-y), and that it had to start out gender neutral if I was going to start decorating before a) being pregnant and b) knowing the sex.  I also wanted it bright, but also easy to change once baby D started growing up and having their own opinion about decorating.

I picked a grey wall color to keep things neutral (Martha Stewart’s Driftwood Gray), and painted the ceiling/closet interior a lighter grey (Martha Stewart’s Cumulus Cloud).  The wall decal went up next, and I picked a pretty aqua blue for the birds, which also happens to be the exact same blue that we used in our wedding.  From there everything else sort of came along slowly- I’ve had lots of time to think about this room!!  The carpet is Martha Stewart’s Winterthur in “Wild Turkey” (hmmm, I’m sensing a hidden theme in this room!)

Without further ado, let’s start the tour!

What you see when you walk in the door- our bedroom is behind me.  The dresser/changing table we got off of Craigslist and T re-did the top to be white.  I found the blue bin on clearance at Target for $4 and will use to hold changing supplies.  You can find more information about the gallery wall here, the bird mobile here and the crib skirt here.  We still need a crib sheet (or two), and the crib was a generous gift from my parents (Baby Mod Cadence 4-in-1).

As you turn the corner, you see the guest bed place for me to sleep once baby shows up and T goes back to work (it doesn’t look very big in this photo, but it’s a queen size).  The bedding came from Bed Bath and Beyond (but looks to be discontinued).  The pillows are from TJ Maxx and are actually meant for outdoors, but the colors/patterns worked great in the room.  The black dog on the bed was mine when I was growing up (fitting considering we have 3 black dogs now).  I did the art on the wall- you can read more about that here.  And more about the patterned curtains here, the rocking chair pillow covers here.

This shot was taken standing underneath the bird mobile- which helps explain why we have all the furniture along 2 walls- the other main wall is one giant closet.  There’s a stroller and other random items stored in there right now- I’m pretty sure it’ll become filled with only baby gear at some point soon.  The end table next to the rocker also came from Craigslist- the same place as the dresser actually- and T painted it white.  The quilt on the back of the rocker was made by T’s sister.  I’d like the dormer to become a reading nook one day, so I plan on installing some shelves in there at some point soon.  The storage ottoman and white curtains came from Target.

And the gallery wall/dresser as seen from the bed.  So far the dresser is holding clothes and blankets- I’m sure we’ll be overflowing into the closet at some point in the near future.

And that’s the tour!!  What do you think? 

Another gallery wall…

I mentioned in Monday’s post that I picked up a bunch of frames (7) from the dollar store.  One went in the office, but I didn’t mention what I did with the other ones. 

I knew I wanted to create a gallery wall in the nursery, and I had some art work that I’d gotten a long time ago from Etsy to use.  I also had a very large needlepoint (?? I think that’s what it is ??) picture that my mom had made a long time ago, when I was a baby.  I decided that picture needed to be the center of attention.  It was framed in a large wood frame that didn’t quite fit in with the nursery’s colors, so the first order of business was to do some spray painting.  Not me though- I pawned that job off on T.  He’s a much better spray painter than I am anyway.  I also had him spray paint the dollar store frames, using some leftover paint from the bird bath project.  Sadly I did not think to take photos of this process- but it’s pretty self explanatory!

Once the frames had dried/cured outside in the garage, I brought them inside and popped my art work into them.  I took them upstairs and played around with the arrangement until I found something I liked, then hung them up on the wall.  By the way- I learned a neat trick via Pinterest for picture frame hanging- it works great every time, especially for those frames that have 2 hooks.  Put a small dab of toothpaste on the top of your picture hook, then press against the wall where you want the picture to go- voila!  Instant mark for your nail.  I did the gallery wall in the office this way (which has a lot of frames with 2 hooks) and it worked awesome!

Anyway- on to the photos, since that’s the most important part anyway, right??

 The horse was made by my mom.  The state art came from Poppy and Pinecone on Etsy.  The other art came from Etsy as well but I don’t remember where?  Whoops.

 Washington state for where both T and I were born…

And Georgia for where baby D will be born!

I might put a few more things up there as I find them- like a letter for his name (still undecided as of late), but I’m still thinking about it.  And I plan on putting double stick tape on the backs of all the photos so he doesn’t rip them off the wall onto his head!

What do you think??  I think this room is really coming together.  In fact, now that the walls are filled, I’m calling this room “done”…I’ll be back tomorrow to give you a little tour of baby D’s  room to be!

Bird mobile

I hope everyone had a great weekend- we sure did!!  We added a new car to our household- a Subaru Outback wagon.  We’d decided awhile ago that we needed to have 2 kid (and dog!) friendly vehicles- when this discussion first took place we had a Honda civic and a Ford ranger truck.  The civic will be just fine for a mommy, daddy and baby…and that’s it (unless baby D wants to ride with a dog in his face).  The ranger?  Ok for a baby and a mommy (or daddy), and some doggies in the back (with a canopy of course), but the thought of having a baby in the front seat of the truck just made me uneasy.  So we sold the truck (which we weren’t driving much anyway) and found the subaru- perfect for baby, mommy, daddy and doggies!  I’m excited.

Anyway.  The subaru is not the “bird mobile” referenced in the title of this post!!  Awhile ago I gave y’all a sneak peek of a project that’s been in the works for an embarrassingly long period of time:

That is the bird mobile I’m talking about.  And I finally got around to hanging it up in baby D’s room.  I put off doing this for a REALLY long period of time because I was worried about getting all the sticks to balance correctly- even though I’m a scientist, physics was never my strong suit.  I finally got my act together this weekend though, and I’m so glad it’s finally done!!  This was definitely not easy to hang, but I love the end result:

I used birch branches from a tree in our backyard, fishing line and a couple of small hooks (that I painted the color of the walls) to hold everything up.  The birds are hot glued onto the sticks.  The bird pattern is from spool sewing, and is pretty simple to do- I could hand sew a bird in a couple of hours and I am NOT a fast sewer.  All the fabric came from Tonic Living– they have a fabulous selection of fabrics and you can order a sample piece for $1 (US) from them, which is how I made these birds- I just picked a bunch of fabric that I liked and ordered samples.  I think in total, it cost me ~$10 to make this entire mobile.  The hardest part was definitely hanging it- I was lucky enough to enlist T’s help to make the process go faster (otherwise I’d still be in there trying to figure out how to hang it).

A few more photos, just for fun:

 Baby D will have a good view of this from his crib and the changing table

This room is getting closer and closer to being done- which is awesome.  I have some art that needs to go on the walls and some shelves to buy/put up and then I think I’m going to be able to call it done!   I’ll give you a full tour after that happens.

Nursery progress

Last time we visited the nursery, I’d sewn some pillow covers for the rocking chair.  I ordered some more of the chair cushion fabric to finish making new curtains for in there, and was surprised to find myself over this past weekend bitten by the sewing bug again.  One of baby D’s grandmas and an aunt are really good sewers/quilters and I’m just blaming the sewing frenzy on his genes.  He’ll probably sew his first quilt by the time he’s 2 (which leaves me more knitting time!)

I did the same simple pattern as the last time I made them– just some easy roll up and tie curtains.  Here’s what they looked like before, to refresh your memory:

They may never actually roll up/down- actually who am I kidding- they definitely won’t move because I will be too lazy to roll them back up again, so I installed some 2″ dark vinyl blinds behind them (I have successfully removed every. single. off-white. metal. blind. from our house now) and then there’s the actual white curtains as well.  This room does not get a lot of natural light, so I’m hoping with the 3 layers it’ll be nice and dark in there (because if he’s anything like his mommy it has to be as dark as a cave in order to sleep).  Here’s the finished product:

My apologies for the poor lighting- like I said, very little natural light, plus I’d installed everything by the time I took the photo and it darkened the room significantly.

But I wasn’t done sewing!!  We also got the crib last week and T couldn’t keep himself from putting it together the same day (seriously- absolutely no prodding from me about it- it was assembled within 2 hours from getting it home).  So I took advantage of the crib being assembled and my new found sewing energy and made a crib skirt.  I got the idea for an adjustable one from Kim.  I love the idea of an adjustable skirt because then as we lower the mattress, the crib skirt won’t puddle on the floor.  Here’s what I ended up with:

Each piece is separate (3 pieces total) and ties to the mattress frame:

I got the fabric from fabric.com.  I purchased 2 yards (at $6.99 a yard on sale, making this a $14 project) and I still have enough left over to make a pillow cover…or something?  The ribbon is left over from our wedding- I used turquoise blue as an accent color, and DIY’d our flower arrangements/bouquets/boutonnieres, so I have a ton of this color ribbon lying around (good thing I’m a pack rat and have kept it all this time).  Not that you can see the ribbons once the mattress is on there…but I KNOW they’re there, which totally counts, right??

Here’s the crib/skirt in all it’s glory (I think it looks pretty decent if I do say so myself…)

It’s coming together, bit by bit!!  What do you think??  Did you do any fun sewing projects over the weekend?

Adding some color

Happy Monday everyone!!

So I know I promised pics of the office, but that was a big fail on my part this weekend.  I had every intention of getting it organized and photos hung up again, but I didn’t get there.  Saturday, T took me on a date (his idea!!).  We went and saw Ted which was hilarious (crude, for sure, but hilarious none the less) and then went out for Cuban food at our fav restaurant in town.  Date night trumps office organizing every time.  Sunday I got the sewing bug (this is very, very rare for me) and spent most of the day sewing.  A friend of mine in WA is having a baby shower this coming weekend, and I needed to get her presents out in the mail this week, so sewing won over office organizing.  Sigh.

Do you want to see what I made over the weekend though??  Of course you do…

First up- a sleep sack (this has been knit for several months now).  Whenever a friend has a baby, I make one of these.  They’re pretty simple and don’t take a lot of time, plus they’re so cute.  Because I use 2 colors of yarn, I like to line the sleep sack with flannel to keep little baby fingers from getting stuck in the yarn strands- the liner of this sleep sack is the whole reason her baby presents haven’t gone out in the mail yet (she’s due Aug 4th!)- I’ve been putting off sewing in the liner for quite awhile now- something about using my machine to sew fabric to knitting freaks me out every. single. time. 

Here’s the inside- I used Michael Miller zoology flannel in “sea” which I love- I just started on a sleep sack for myself (well, for baby D), and I’m thinking I’ll line it with this same fabric.

Now that I’m halfway through my own pregnancy- I decided it’s about time to get started on some projects for our own child!  We have a rocking chair in the nursery that was T’s grandparents.  It’s had a dingy pillow on the seat forever, and I finally decided to cover it with something more fitting to the nursery theme.  I also had a small travel pillow that I covered with some fabric as well.  Both are “simple” envelope pillow covers that took me a lot longer to make than they should have.  But I think they turned out pretty well- what do you think?

I used this fabric for the small pillow, and this fabric for the seat cushion.  Here’s a closer look:

The fabric that is on the seat cushion will also be made into window shades.  If you remember (maybe?) the fabric that is currently on the windows is this, which I like, but thought it was a little too girly, so I’m changing it up.  I made one shade but ran short on fabric, so I need to order some more, whip up one more (haha) and then I’ll post some photos of that. 

The crib should be showing up later this week (yay!) and I’d like to make a crib skirt similar to the one that Kim made, using this fabric:

And don’t forget, I also have to finish up my project with the birds on the branches- I will be doing that soon!  Lots more projects to do- but hopefully some fun things to share with y’all in the next few weeks!!

Letting the cat out of the bag

Happy Monday everyone!!

So I mentioned we had a big project going on behind the scenes here- and I suppose it’s about time to let the cat out of the bag.  I’m going to need your opinions on this project though, so please leave a comment and help us out:

Neither of these bumps are real- we had help from one of those foam baby bellies!

How many of you thought that this was the big project??  We find out the gender July 5th- so please cast your vote- are you on team pink or blue?!?

The details- I’m almost 18 weeks along and due 11/21/12 (a turkey baby!!)  I’m going to try and not make this a pregnancy blog (I’ve been really bad about taking weekly photos or writing down anything during the past 17 weeks- I was REALLY sick for most of my first trimester) but I will probably post some photos of nursery progress.  Right now it looks like this:

We’re getting new carpet in our downstairs bedrooms so everything is living upstairs currently.  Before everything moved upstairs I was working on a project for the nursery- it’s actually almost finished so I’ll show you a sneak peek now:

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your votes!!!