A pinterest(ing) challenge

I love me some Pinterest.  Funny, because I resisted signing up for a looooooong time.  I’ve only been “pinning” for maybe 3 months, give or take.  Now it’s my go-to page for when I need to find something, whether it be a craft, a helpful tip or a delicious recipe.  I’ve actually re-created several of my pins (remember the melted crayon art?)

Two of my favorite blogs (Young House Love and Bower Power) have created a challenge- a Pinterest challenge!! 

It’s super easy to participate- just pick a pin and re-create it!  Then blog about it and if you want, link it up to one of their sites (Young House Love or Bower Power…or both!!) next Wednesday, 11/2/11.  This is so fun to see what other people decide to re-create, and also a good way to motivate yourself to actually make one of the millions of things you’ve been pinning.

I’m planning on participating- I could cheat be lazy and use my DIY art project, but I have another one up my sleeve that is going to be a Christmas present, and I’m using this challenge as a motivator to get it done!  I’m keeping it a secret for now- stay tuned until next Wednesday…


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