So I’ve showed you quite a few of the rooms in our house (and you can see most of them on this page), but I always find it helpful to see how a house is laid out- so many times I picture someone’s house laid out completely different than it really is- pictures are often so deceiving!!  So I messed around with floorplanner the other day, and came up with a rough drawing of how our house is laid out.  This program was fairly simple to use, and it had decent amount of things for me to choose from to put in the various rooms.  These pictures are by no means perfect- and the scale is off because I was too lazy to get didn’t have the measurements of each room/window/door. 

Here’s the main level:

Basically you come in the front door and there is a bedroom off the left (that’s an exercise machine in there, FYI- yeah, was having a little fun with all the extra things I could add!).  The stairs to the 2nd story are directly in front of you.  The bedroom has a walk-in closet and a bathroom that also connects to the office.  The living room is long and rectangular.  The kitchen and dining room are connected and the deck is directly off the dining room.  Through the kitchen is the laundry room, and then the garage (which we only keep a car and lawnmower in, according to my picture- ha). Our bottom floor is basically a big circle- which is often confusing for some people. 

A funny story- the first night in our new house, Tim and Jackson went up the stairs to go to bed.  Ellie was being wild and zooming around- and she had never seen stairs before this house.  She watched Jackson go up the stairs, but instead of following him up, she ran around to the dining room and stood waiting for him to come out in there!!  Silly girl.

Anyway- speaking of, here’s the second story:

As you go up the stairs you end up in front of the bathroom, with a bedroom on either side.  We made the left hand bedroom our master bedroom because we were afraid if we didn’t, we’d never go upstairs!!  Plus it’s warm and cozy in the winter.  Both bedrooms have large closets (we are not lacking in closet space in this house).  There is a little storage space off our bedroom closet.  And a dormer in each bedroom.

And that’s it- all 1900 square feet!  Just the right amount of space for us and our 5 fur kids!  I love that we have enough extra space to have family and friends stay over.  I know that will change one day when we have non-fur children, but for now we have 3 extra rooms worth of space.  We had 5 friends come stay with us this summer and every one had their own room- it was awesome.

Did the layout surprise you or was this how you pictured our house?  Have you used Floorplanner before?


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