Calling all dog lovers!

Our dogs are our kids- I think I made that pretty clear in this post.  We love to spoil them, and try to feed them as well as we might feed ourselves.  This includes treats/chews/bones.  One treat I love to get them is a bully stick- have you heard of them?  They’re made from bulls- a specific part of the bull’s anatomy actually (read more about them here– don’t worry, there’s nothing obscene!).  Here’s a photo:
Image courtesy of
Anyway, these chews are great because they last a long time.  We have crazy chewers at our house (remember, Jackson can chew through chain-link- he has jaws of steel!) and they last around 45 minutes per dog of non-stop chewing- not bad.  This is better than the alternative- Kirby chewing my shoe.  Hypothetically.  Or maybe not. 
There are lots of places that sell these, under various names, and they are not really cheap.  Example:  Our local pet store sells them for around $7-$9 per chew- for only 45 minutes of chewing time, that can get pricey.  Enter my favorite site:  Best Bully Sticks!  They sell their chews for a fraction of the price the pet stores do- plus you can buy them in bulk!  And their chews are quality- they’re made from free-ranging Brazilian cattle and are 100% beef, meaning your dog will actually digest them, unlike rawhides. They sell them in a variety of lengths, and even make odor free ones (some bully sticks do have an odor to them but the odor free ones do not, which makes giving them as a treat inside more pleasant!).  Also this site is great because they don’t just sell bully sticks- they sell a ton of other kinds of high quality treats (some that you may not find in your pet store, like moose antlers or venison), many made in the US.  And they also sell dog food, supplies and toys as well- basically a one stop shop!
So what are you waiting for?  Go get your fur-kid a chew or two!  

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