Still here

2014 arrived…and then I completely lost all motivation to blog. Whoops!

I have lots of ideas swirling around in my brain.  And lots of things are going on at our house, including a project that I’m hoping to get started on some time soon (NOT pregnant…for anyone wondering)

However, right now I’m feeling the pressure.  Joi just wrote a very lovely post summing up a lot of what I’m feeling- the pressure.  To be THE best.  Have the best blog design.  Create pinterest-worthy things!!  Get tons of blog traffic, tons of comments.  Etc etc.  And you know what?  When I feel that pressure, the blog suddenly feels like work instead of fun.  And then I start avoiding it, because I’m not having fun while I’m doing it.  And then I start getting a ton of spammy comments and I avoid it even more.

So that’s where I’ve been- hiding from the pressure and spammy comments, instead of enjoying myself.  I’m still working on finding my voice and sorting out what I want this blog to be.   And who am I blogging for anyway?   Myself.  So it needs to be fun, because unless it becomes my job, it has no business feeling like work.  I already have a full time job for that!

I’ll be back – and thanks to those who read and comment!  If you have any posts that you’ve enjoyed in the past, speak up!  You can help me figure out what direction to take this little blog in.

Happy 2014 everyone!


7 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Your blog should never feel like work so i completely understand taking some time off to re-group! Write for yourself, write what you want and all the other stuff will come with time.


  2. I’m sorry you are feeling that way. I decided long ago that I wouldn’t blog if it weren’t fun. But in the age of Pinterest-perfection, it’s hard to live up. We’ll be here when you are blogging, you can be sure of that!


  3. I totally get this. I took off the first half of the month, just couldn’t find my bloggy groove after the holidays. I’m so happy to say that somewhere along the way I found it again and this week I will have posted 4 times! What helped me was reading others’ blogs and getting into crafty projects that I wanted to share. I also had a couple guest posters and I think subconsciously I didn’t want someone else’s work to be the only content on my blog! I hope it starts feeling fun again…we miss you!


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