Getting in the Christmas spirit

**Note- this was supposed to go up on 11/29/13 but wordpress’s scheduler decided to take the day off**

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can start thinking about decorating for Christmas.   I refuse to put up any Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, although the day after is fair game!

Funny story though- growing up, my family and I used to go to a 4500 acre ranch in Northern California for Thanksgiving.  My grandma had a house on the ranch, so every year my mom’s side of the family would gather there for Thanksgiving.  Since we didn’t see that side of the family at Christmas, we would celebrate Christmas the day after Thanksgiving with them- complete with a little tree (cut down from the ranch property) and Christmas crackers (and if you’ve never had those, you’re missing out (hint: they’re not edible)  The paper hats alone make it worth it)  So growing up, we had a tree at Thanksgiving every year.  Now I refuse to blend the two holidays.  Go figure.

Anyway.  Today we’re going to start putting up our Christmas decorations, both inside and out, and I’m SUPER excited (I don’t do Black Friday shopping so today is all about decorating)  Last year, B was due to arrive at any time, so the outside decorations did not happen (I’m the light hanger of the family and a 9mo pregnant lady plus a ladder just don’t mix).  I miss those twinkly lights outside!!  Here’s a peek at what they look like- and I’ll be sure to get a better photo for y’all this year:


I’m most excited about our mantle decorations- that’s probably my favorite inside decoration that we have, aside from our tree of course.  I love love love a full mantle.  Every time I take down our decorations for the year, our mantle just looks so empty and sad!  I’ll be putting up my Noel sign again.  The yarn wrapped trees will also make an appearance, minus the stars.  One fell off last year and Kirby decided to eat it…sigh.  I actually like them better without the stars, so maybe Kirby was just exercising his decorating opinion??  I’ll be sure to post some updated photos here soon!


pottery barn inspired


We get a live tree every year, and our winters here are SO dry- so we try to get the tree as late in the month as possible.  So no Christmas tree yet.  I’m a little nervous about B and the tree- so the later we get it the better I think, to avoid having to remove a one year old from the tree multiple times- ha!

Our dining room table will be decorated as well, but I haven’t figured that out completely- I normally do a tablecloth but B has decided that tablecloths belong on the floor, not the table.  So…place mats it is!

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?  Stay tuned for some updated decoration photos…




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