Goldieblox…and why I won’t be buying it (yet)

…aside from the fact that I have an almost one year old boy, who this toy isn’t marketed for. 

I’m assuming everyone reading that has heard of Goldieblox and/or seen the commercial (which totally rocks my socks, by the way)…if not, go watch it first!

I’ve known about this toy for quite awhile now- back before it was even an actual toy, when they were applying for funding on kickstarter.  When I first heard about it and read the premise behind it, I thought it sounded pretty cool!  I’m a scientist and I’m all about getting all kids interested in science-y things.

So when I saw the commercial and realized the toy actually existed for purchase, I headed over to my favorite online retailer to see about purchasing it for my niece, who is within their target age range.

Then I read the reviews (as well as some comments from friends on the commercial who had the toy), and a little more about the toy.  And looked at the price.  And decided against it.

I’m OK with the fact that it’s pink (although I was annoyed at first, especially since the video even says “pink is for girls, everything else is for boys”)  All this is their marketing strategy to catch the attention of girls who ARE into pink and princesses- and help them to realize that science and engineering can come in any form, even pink with ribbons.  Some people are questioning this tactic, but I don’t have a problem with it.

My sticking point is the fact that a lot of reviews say it’s not as well made as it could be and hard to put together.

My understanding is that there are more toys in the works- and one add on already exists.  I hope that the company will listen to the reviews and improve upon their product, but in the meantime, this isn’t an item that I’ll be purchasing as a gift this year.




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