Breaking bad…habits

Thanks to this writing prompt for the idea for today’s post. 

I have a bad habit that I’ve been trying to break for almost my whole life. I’ve tried to quit numerous times.  I’m hoping by writing this down here I can hold myself more accountable and actually stick to quitting!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve bitten my nails.  I do it when I’m bored, nervous, anxious, not paying attention- you name it.  It’s gross.  I know it’s gross.  I even see other people doing it and think it looks gross.  Not to mention I could probably have avoided several sicknesses in my life just by keeping my hands out of my mouth!

I’d like nothing more than pretty fingernails- and hands that don’t hurt from the chewing they receive on a daily basis (see- gross!)

So, I’m planning on painting my nails and stocking up on chewing gum.  The combination of the two seems to give me the best chance at quitting.  Throw a little evening knitting into the mix, and hopefully by the end of this month I can have some normal looking fingernails again.


And if you happen to see me with my fingers in my mouth, just slap my hand away, OK?


2 thoughts on “Breaking bad…habits

  1. I hear you!! I bit my nails like crazy just up till about 5 years ago. I did find out I have a sensory issue in my mouth (an unconscious need to feel stimulation there), but still wanted to stop the habit. I decided to invest in acrylic nails for about a year. (for the sake of my health, it was worth the cost) You really can’t unconsciously chew on acrylic nails. That and chewing gum have saved my nails and cuticles. I haven’t had acrylic nails for 3 years now and have my own, nice, long, natural nails.

    I wish you luck on your habit change.


    • Thanks!! I wish I could handle acrylic nails, but I’ve had them in the past and they drive me BONKERS. I think I’m like you- I need to have something in my mouth all the time. I’m hoping the gum and nail polish will do the trick!!


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