I love…

…the change in seasons.  It’s always so exciting to watch the change- the first leaves that appear in spring, the first really warm day of summer, the first orange leaves of fall, the first really cold day of winter.  Right now in Georgia we’re experiencing the lovely display of colors that fall has to offer and I am in love!  Just look at all that color (I did not take this photo)- gorgeous:


I’m so grateful that I live somewhere that (sort of) experiences all 4 seasons- I love the change!

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!


6 thoughts on “I love…

  1. We have two seasons, as you may recall…Fall and Spring-And the time of year doesn’t necessarily dictate which season we may see that day. I can’t to explore your part of the world and experience something called “Summer”.


  2. I’m in Marietta, GA and we had a nice fire tonight and got to enjoy the fall colors. The weather and colors in GA have been SO nice this year. I think we’ve had just enough rain to allow the colors to last (Not go brown too quick). Might even still have some color come Thanksgiving.


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