Stretching myself for NaBloPoMo

Happy November!!  B is 11 months old today.  Where does the time go?!?  I am completely in denial about the fact that he is going to be one (!!) in a month.  Totally not happening.

So, one of the things I’d really like to accomplish is to stretch myself as a blogger.  What better way to do that than writing a post every. single. day??  Crazy right?  I’m joining the ranks at NaBloPoMo November (say wha??) over at BlogHer.  I hope y’all enjoy all the posts that are going to be coming your way, and please join in the fun if you’d like.  I’m really looking forward to reading some new blogs by other participants and ‘meeting’ some new bloggers!


NaBloPoMo November 2013


Whew- I think I’m already breaking a sweat from all the writing I’m going to be doing!



3 thoughts on “Stretching myself for NaBloPoMo

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