Life lately

I’d like to start using the blog as a way to remember little things that B does- life happens so quickly and I know the things he does now will be easily forgotten as he gets older…


I finally put up some fall decorations- nothing too exciting, just some stuff on the mantle.  I did it while B was napping and when I brought him downstairs from his nap he sat there and stared and stared at the mantle.  I love that he’s beginning to notice when things change in his every day surroundings.

This little boy has the BEST sense of humor- he’s enjoying practicing walking right now, and we were walking around the house together.  I would stomp my feet and say “STOMP” and he would just break down in a fit of giggles.  I love his little laugh!!  I can already see the little boy in him coming out too- the other night he was in the bath tub and tooted (or “poofied” as his grandma calls it).  It was quite loud- and made me laugh.  So then he laughed.  Which made him toot again.  And laugh some more.  Oh my goodness.


Over the weekend we went to a nearby animal sanctuary, and B had a pretty good time.  He didn’t want to be strapped in the stroller (after having just been strapped in the carseat) so I carried him most of the time.  He’s pushing 25lbs which gets heavy after a couple of minutes.  I can’t wait until he can walk!!  I think he really liked the deer that we saw there- he pointed at them a lot, which is his new favorite thing to do.  He also stared and stared at the turkeys and bald eagles.

Then we went to the park and did some swinging!!  His first time on the swings- I think he loved it:


And that’s life lately- how was your weekend?

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