Almay mascara

I don’t wear a lot of makeup.  Actually, scratch that.  I don’t wear any makeup except mascara (and that’s been a more recent development).  I USED to wear makeup every day, but once we moved to Georgia and the humidity was so high I would sweat it all off before leaving my driveway, I quit going through the effort.

I’ve always been a Cover Girl fan, and up until recently was using their Clump Crusher mascara.  Which is very nice!!  No more spidery looking eyelashes.  However, one day I decided that I needed to “spice things up” with my mascara- if it’s the only makeup I’m going to wear, I might as well have a little fun with it, right?  I usually buy the black/brown color mascara.  Then I read about Almay’s intense eye color volumizing mascara and decided to try it out.  I have blue eyes, so I chose the “sapphire” color

intense i-color volumising mascara intense i-color volumizing mascara for blue eyes







Well, don’t let that inconspicuous little tube fool you.  While the color is very nice- a deep navy blue- what they fail to mention is that there is glitter in the tube.  Glitter!  I started having flashbacks to my teenage years.  I thought, maybe there was some mistake.  Maybe I grabbed the wrong mascara.  Then I read the description more closely on their site:

Take your unique eye color to new limits with double the volume*, double the impact. Expertly coordinated shades with eye-brightening crystals create multi-dimensional amplification. The lash enhancing brush with volume-boosting grooves finds and flaunts every lash for big bold volume that won’t smudge or flake.
Did you catch that?  “Eye-brightening crystals”…also known as glitter.  And all you ladies out there- you know about glitter.  It is persistent.  By the end of the week, my entire face is covered in it.  Nothing says “professional 30 something mother” like a face full of glitter.  Not that it’s stopped me from wearing it daily. After all- it did spice things up!  Not to mention I’m cheap- so I’m using this tube to the end, glitter or no!

Anyone else out there using this mascara, or have a funny makeup story to share?

**Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated by any of the companies linked to in this post**

3 thoughts on “Almay mascara

  1. The thought of you wearing blue glitter mascara to work and it getting EVERYWHERE is hilarious! I recently bought a tube that was advertised as “EXTREME LENGTHENING! 3X VOLUME!” The wand wasn’t your conventional mascara wand, it was like a glorified pipe cleaner. I tried to play it off like I totally knew what to do with this stick with one hundred thousand of the worlds smallest spikes covered in goop. Who needs eyeliner when your mascara finds it’s way all over your face?
    “Hip Mascara” 1, Katrina 0.
    Love the blog, Em!


    • Bahaha- love it. They should just market it as eyeliner/mascara/eyeshadow then, maybe more people would buy it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting- yay!!


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