No ‘poo hair care part 4…aka why I smell like a brownie

You guys!!  (That’s how people from the NW say y’all…just going back to my roots on this one).  Dry shampoo is awesome.  Awesome.  But let me back up a bit before I tell you all about my dry shampoo experience.

I did 2 more days of just rinsing with water (torture!) and then I did another wash with baking soda/apple cider vinegar.  And this time I noticed…something.  My roots felt less greasy, and overall my hair felt lighter.  After I washed it, I let it air dry and combed it with my fingers.  It still had a greasy feel to it, but not nearly as much.  Most of my roots felt almost “normal”- it was just the crown of my head and the underside of my hair that still felt greasy.  It still didn’t look good enough for me to wear it down, but I felt a little encouraged.

I was telling a friend about all of this, and she got excited and wanted to try this experiment out as well.  I mentioned one way to combat the grease in between “washings” was dry shampoo but told her I couldn’t vouch for it because I hadn’t tried it out yet.  I figured it was about time to take my own advice and try out a dry shampoo recipe.  So I put in a reminder in my phone (that’s the only way I remember to do anything anymore- post it notes and phone reminders) and mixed some up for the next morning.  This is the recipe I used:

2tblspns cornstarch
2tblspns cocoa powder (because I have dark-ish hair and cornstarch only leaves hair with a grey tint- I already have enough greys, no need to add more!)

Dump into a plastic baggy and shake to mix.  Apply to scalp using a large makeup brush.  

Now, as far as how long to leave this mixture on your scalp- a few minutes max?  I got interrupted during this process by B needing my attention, so I got as far as the dusting it on my scalp.  About 15min later I was able to come back and brush it through/out of my hair.  You don’t need to leave it on that long.  After I brushed it through, I straightened my hair like normal.  And then realized I smelled like a brownie.  Seriously.  Hey- I did have several of the ingredients required for brownies in my hair- cocoa powder, oil, heat- just add some eggs and flour!  So that was a little weird.  Thank goodness the smell wasn’t overpowering…although I kind of wanted to eat something chocolate-y all day!

But, you guys- my hair looked good.  Not as good as when I shampoo’d it, but good enough to leave out of a pony tail.  The dry shampoo really helped cut the grease.  My hair felt different (I’m pretty sure it’s always going to feel differently than it did when I was shampoo’ing it every day)- kind of chalky feeling like cornstarch tends to feel- but it looked decent!!  Success!! 

Now, this mixture did make my hair slightly off in color.  Not grey, but a little lighter than it normally is.  And it also dulled the shine.  But it cut the grease, so I give it two thumbs up.

Just for comparisons sake, here’s a photo of my hair prior to no ‘poo (and a gratuitous shot of my super cute kid):

Not that great of a shot (of me) but you can see my hair is brown (though not this dark, there’s a filter applied to this photo), and there’s some frizz, but it’s still got shine to it

And some recent shots with dry shampoo, about a week and a half in to no ‘poo:

From the front- a little dull.  Note: it is hard to take a self photo without looking creepy.  I apologize.

From the top- a little dull, but definitely not greasy looking.

I’m feeling more hopeful now than I was in my last post, now that I have dry shampoo as a tool to combat the grease.  Let the experiment continue!!


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