No ‘poo hair care part two

So I’m currently on day 7 of my experiment.  To recap- the first 4 days I washed my hair with a baking soda paste and conditioned with a diluted mixture of apple cider vinegar.  As I was working on the first blog post, I did some reading up on other’s experiences with “no ‘poo” and discovered that maaaaaaaaybe I shouldn’t be using baking soda every day.  It can be a little harsh on your hair over time.  Most people who do no ‘poo usually go 2-5 days between baking soda “washes”.

So I decided to give my hair a little break and just rinse it with water in the evenings during my shower.  I do use a little bit of hair spray (to tame the postpartum crazy hair), so I like to rinse that out in the evening.  

The first thing I noticed was that my hair does not tangle at all after rinsing it with water.  This is kind of a big deal, because my hair normally turns into a giant snarl if I’m only using water. 

The second thing I noticed was that my hair got even heavier and greasy feeling- but it still doesn’t really look that bad (I don’t think.  Stop me if I’m completely delusional).  It’s also very soft, and still as shiny as ever.   

One thing that I think has helped has been to use a bristle brush on my hair- in the evenings before my shower, I brush my hair several times, to distribute the oils from the top of my head to ends of my hair.  This link talks about doing that, which is why I started (plus I already had the brush- again, lazy is my middle name).

After a couple of days of just rinsing, I’m feeling a little greasier than I’d like.  So much so that I didn’t even put coconut oil on my face last night because I was starting to feel like a grease ball.  And today my hair is in a pony tail for the first time since starting this process, but aside from it feeling heavy, I really don’t think it looks that greasy. 

From the top

From the front- hey again

I’m going to try the baking soda wash and vinegar rinse again tonight to see if that helps alleviate some of the heaviness that I feel.  I’m also curious to see what happens if I wash my hair and then let it air dry instead of throwing it up in a ponytail overnight- my hair has a tiny bit of wave to it and I think with this process it might have more curl than normal.  Or maybe not.  I will update you with the results- stay tuned!


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