Goodbye old friend

On January 3rd, 2013 we said goodbye to Jackson, the big black dog.  He would have been 14 this year- he lived several years longer than we ever thought he would.  His last few years weren’t easy on him (or us)- he had thunder phobia and separation anxiety and was missing 7 teeth due to his antics caused by the anxiety- but he was always loved and we did everything we could possibly do to help manage his fears and keep him healthy. 

Just after Christmas he developed a bad cough, and then soon after stopped eating and started coughing blood.  X-rays at the vet showed he had lung cancer and his lung function was only 10% (!!)  That right there sums him up fairly well- even though he was probably in pain and struggling to breathe for quite awhile, he never showed it.  He was always excited about eating and going on walks, and even chased the ball and wrestled with his younger siblings.  In fact, the morning he went to the vet he still participated in the morning walk.  The vet said there was nothing much we could do to help him- steroids would ease his suffering for a week or so, but then we would be right back to where we started.  So we made the difficult (but correct) decision to have him put down.  He’s now buried with his “brother” Ty (who we lost on our move to Georgia four years ago, also due to cancer) in our front yard.  T marked their graves with large rocks from our backyard and planted some flowers- it’s one of the first things we see every day which is a nice reminder. 

I’m so glad I decided to break out the camera on New Year’s Day, because I got this great shot to show B when he’s older:

Miss you every day buddy!  RIP.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye old friend

  1. i read this when you posted but am just now getting around to commenting. this is such a sweet post and i even showed this sweet little picture to tony. glad you had that long with such a good friend!


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