Murphy’s law

Remember how I said things were going great with our return to breastfeeding? Yeah, I need to learn to keep my mouth shut when it comes to things like that, because I’ve found with anything baby related, Murphy’s law kicks in the instant you mention something is going well. For instance- someone asked me a few weeks ago how he was doing sleeping at night. “Awesome” I replied…”he usually gives me a 7hr stretch followed by another 3-4hrs!” That night marked the beginning of our adventures into the world that is MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance) and his reflux kicked it up a notch too. Did I mention he also has reflux? Poor little guy- what I wouldn’t give to make it all better for him because I imagine it’s super painful. He is currently on prilosec to manage the reflux.

So you think I would be wary of saying things like “his sleep is great” or “breastfeeding is going really well” but I apparently haven’t learned my lesson just yet. Because yesterday marked our return to formula and pumping. Yuck. I noticed a return in his reflux symptoms the other day (sour spit up) and along with it his sleeping became irregular. When that happens I know something is going on, because he can be an amazing sleeper. So I put in a call to the pediatrician to see what she recommended- and was told to put him back on the formula. So it’s back to bottles for him and pumping for me, since we are hoping he can have breast milk at some point in the future (and we are trialing the formula over the weekend to see if it helps since we aren’t 100% certain that’s the solution to the problem.) The silver lining in all of this (because there has to be a silver lining somewhere) is that a set of grandparents are here to help for the next two weeks (grandma is currently rocking him upstairs as I write this) and bottle feeding means mommy doesn’t always have to be on night feeding duty (although I still have to wake up to pump).

Whew- babies should come with an instruction manual! I am hopeful that as he grows up (and becomes more upright) he will outgrow the reflux, and things will get easier. Maybe we will even look back on these early days with a sort of fondness. Or not. Good thing he’s extra cute- his smiles melt my heart every time!


2 thoughts on “Murphy’s law

  1. Murphy’s Law got me last week too! I was excitedly telling someone at a La Leche League meeting about our awesome nighttime routine that puts him to sleep easily, then that night baby boy decided that he wanted to wake up every 2-3 hours. I think it was a growth spurt though, because after this weekend he went up a whole clothing size!You’re doing a great job, mama. I can relate to wanting to take their pain away. Our little guy had a bad skin infection when he was 2 weeks old and had to go on two types of antibiotics. It was painful for all three of us.I hesitate to give unsolicited suggestions, but I’m going to go for it this time (please tell me to butt out if you’d like). Have you considered seeing a pediatric chiropractor? We take our little guy to an amazing practitioner (here in northern CA) who can help with a myriad of childhood ailments such as reflux, food allergies, ear infections, sleep disturbances, reactions to vaccinations, and lots more. When we brought him for the first visit, shortly after he was born, baby went from sleeping 1.5 hours blocks to 3 hour blocks. This was HUGE for us sleep deprived parents. Everything else checked out, so our plan is to take him in for a checkup every 3 months. Good luck! I’m so excited to see you back in the blogging world! 🙂


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