Pinterest challenge: fall 2012 edition. Nursery bookshelves

It’s been awhile since I participated in one of these challenges (see my previous attempts here and here), hosted by Sherry, Katie and 2 guest bloggers (this time around it’s Sarah and Carmel).  I figured it was about time to get back on the bandwagon, since I’m always pinning something- and I actually do re-create a lot of what I pin.

You saw the nursery awhile back– one thing I mentioned wanting to add in there were some bookshelves, preferably in the dormer (the goal is for it to be a little reading nook one day).  I’m a huge reader, as is my entire family (T isn’t so much although I do catch him with his nose buried in a book every once in awhile), so I’m hoping that our little guy shares a love for books as well.  However, I didn’t want to just stick a freestanding bookshelf in there and call it a day.  I’ve had my eye on this style of shelf for quite awhile now:
Source– the link has super great instructions on how to make these yourself

This little project kept getting put on the back burner, as we had lots of other commitments keeping us busy.  I actually was going to break down and just buy similar shelves (you can find them at Ikea) but that meant driving to Ikea…which isn’t super close by.  I finally mentioned to T that I wanted to do this after we received a bunch of books at one of our baby showers- and being the super awesome husband that he is, he took on the entire project (and did a MUCH better job than I would have). 

I love this project because it wasn’t expensive (I believe I spent around $12 on the wood and we had everything else on hand) and we could customize them to our walls.  We ended up going with a 32″ length shelf, and did 3 of them.  It took T about a week to make them, as he was very slow and methodical about the whole process- he cut out all the boards one day, then glued/nailed each shelf together after work (one shelf per day), then spent a couple of days painting them- he did several thin coats so there are no drips.  I, of course, didn’t get any photos of the process (face palm), so you’ll just have to settle for the finished product (and of course, click this link to see how to make them because this is the tutorial we followed)

The lowest shelf is about 3ft off the ground- hopefully around toddler eye level.  And I could hang my entire body weight from these shelves and they wouldn’t come off the wall- they are anchored in there well, so I’m not worried about our little guy deciding to be an acrobat and ripping them off the wall one day.

A closer look at all the books and other stuff- some of the books are from our childhood- and the little dish on the very top was mine growing up (it’s Peter Rabbit).   

I know the book selection will change as he grows up- and hopefully it’ll grow as well!  What do you think??


5 thoughts on “Pinterest challenge: fall 2012 edition. Nursery bookshelves

  1. The shelves look great! I have a similar plan to make a reading nook for our little guy (who will be arriving around Thanksgiving). Unfortunately the book shelves project is lower on our to-do-before-baby-arrives list. How about I just live vicariously through you for a while? 😉


  2. I’ve been considering doing this as well. Yours turned out great! And I always wondered how deep the shelves really are and your pictures really show that you can put more than just books on the shelves. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. These are so great, you guys did such a perfect job of it! Now I need to convince my husband that I need some of these for the nursery too 🙂 I’m just behind you with my pregnancy I think (38 weeks and 2 days today), I hope all goes really well for you xx


    • Thanks so much!! Hopefully if your husband is nesting away like mine, he won’t mind taking on another task right? 🙂 You’re actually about a week ahead of me- hooray for November babies. Good luck!!!


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