A small change

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope everyone had an excellent weekend- did anybody do some Halloween celebrating?  I was planning on it and then wussed out at the last minute- I’m blaming being almost 37wks pregnant though…good excuse right??

Speaking of that- we are in full blown nesting mode around our house, with 3 weeks left (or less? more?) until baby D’s arrival.  And by “we” I mean both myself and my husband (I think he’s actually nesting more than I am).  This past weekend was one of the only weekends we had completely free in the past couple of months- no childbirth classes, football games, baby showers, agility trials, etc.  Normal people would probably spend it relaxing, because we don’t have many relaxing weekends left.  But not T.  He was a man on a mission this weekend.

The mission?  Replace the laundry room floor.

The laundry is the very last room in our house to have the floor replaced- and I can now say that we have re-done every. single. surface in our house.  Aside from the windows and doors.  Seriously.  You can read more about our flooring adventures here, here, here, here, here and here (whew, that’s a lot of posts about floors). 

Here’s a reminder of what our laundry looked like until recently:

It had the same flooring that our kitchen had in it- cream colored linoleum that had lost its shine and was dirty and scuffed.  Luckily, between the washer/dryer and the runner (which was really just some carpet tiles from T’s work stuck down with tape), you didn’t see most of the floor.  So we just let it be.  And I kind of figured we wouldn’t do anything in this room, until T mentioned wanting to re-do the floor a few months ago.
Luckily, we were able to do this cheaply.  We had some flooring left over from the kitchen/living room re-do.  If you remember, we actually got our money back on this flooring due to it showing scratches from doggy nails.  We figured out that we needed to purchase one extra box of flooring in order to do the laundry room, so we decided to use the same flooring in here.  Yes, I know I just mentioned that this flooring shows scratches- but it’s already in ~50% of our house, most of it was free flooring since we got our money back, and the majority of the floor will be covered up by the washer/dryer.  Also, this floor tends to only show scratches in one direction- usually whatever direction the sun is shining on it.  Seeing as there is no natural light in the laundry room, the amount of actual scratches that show up should be extremely minimal.  
Anyway- blah blah blah.  On to the actual floor!  T prepped everything last week (pulling quarter round, removing the door)- and we both did our laundry during the middle of the week (why yes, T does do his own laundry.  Back off ladies) in preparation of the washer/dryer being out of the room all weekend.  Friday the washer/dryer came out thanks to the help of a friend- and actually by the time I got home from work T was already getting started.  He was a floor laying fool, and by Saturday morning it was completely done, with the exception of the quarter round.  By Sunday (before football started even) the room was completely back together!!  Care to see?
My husband is amazing.  AMAZING.  The only thing I did in here was put the runner down (this room is the main pass through from the garage to the kitchen- and the garage is where the dogs eat/spend most of their day, so some sort of carpet is a necessity otherwise they’ll just slip and fall).  As you can see, I took advantage of the washer/dryer being back to do a load of laundry!
I’m so glad this is finished (with zero nagging on my part- this was 100% T’s project/idea)- and of course it just wouldn’t have been feasible to do after baby D shows up- we’ll be doing laundry ALL THE TIME once he arrives! 
And just in case anyone is interested in the flooring info- it’s Trafficmaster Allure vinyl flooring in “Tradition” from Home Depot.  This type of flooring works really well in places like the laundry room, as any leaks from the washer/hot water heater won’t damage the floor. We have it in the kitchen/living room as well, plus a “tile” version of it in the bathrooms.  While I’m not thrilled with the way it’s held up in the kitchen/living room with regards to the dogs and their nails- the “tile” version has held up fabulously in the bathrooms and still looks awesome (some of it has been installed for over 2 years now).  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the “tile” to anyone looking for an inexpensive, easy way to re-do a floor.  
Thanks for stopping by!!

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