Fall color

One thing I enjoy about living in the south is the fall weather- no more humidity, cool nights but warm days, leaves changing colors- ahhh.  Don’t get me wrong, I love grey, rainy, cold Pacific Northwest fall days (yes I like the grey weather- I know I’m weird), but I am enjoying what the south has to offer as well.  I especially love that there are fall flowers- flowers!  In the fall!  Amazing.  It only took me almost 4 years of living here to jump on that bandwagon- and I have to say, I am so glad I finally did. 

A few weeks ago I purchased some metal planters to hang on the railings of our deck, on sale at Lowes (and then they sat in my car for a couple of weeks- whoops).  Our deck is the only spot in our back yard that gets a decent amount of sun exposure- the garden spot, while in theory a great idea, has become more hassle than it’s worth to keep anything alive in there and is actually going to be taken down later this year (I’m envisioning a swing set in its place, one day).  With a new baby on the way, I know there won’t be time for full scale gardening next year, so I thought some pots/planters on the deck would tide me over until I can figure something else out.  I also know I won’t have the time/energy to take care of any fall veggies in a few weeks (oh yeah, did I mention we have 1 month until baby?!?), but I wanted to get the planters out of my car put the planters up on the deck.  That’s when I remembered I can plant fall flowers!!  So off I went to the store to find some fall color…and I love the results…

Pansies…decorative kale…some edible collards (I couldn’t resist) and the white stuff that I can’t remember the name of make a nice fall mix

A view from below- there’s 4 planters but only 3 in this shot.  Excuse all the leaves…

I love the light in the evenings during fall…

For about $20 I am pleased with how much this jazzed up our back deck for fall!! 

Anybody else doing any fall planting?


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