Baby shower

This past weekend a very good friend of mine threw us a fabulous baby shower, and I just thought I’d share a few of the details.  We had a co-ed/virtual shower- it turned out great, despite some small Skype technical difficulties- but we were able to video conference with a bunch of family and friends from the west coast which was pretty special. 

The decor:

The cake (look familiar?)
The presents (this child is SPOILED ROTTEN.  And yes, that is a bear riding a motorcycle made out of diapers.  Awesome.):
Another look at the bear because he’s hilarious:
 We are lucky to have some very crafty friends and family, and baby D got some beautiful handmade items…
T’s sister made this gorgeous quilt:
A friend of mine from work made these onesies (his name is appliqued along the bottom but I’m not sharing what it is…yet):
And my aunt made these canvases- a fun back story to them.  She designs for Pottery Barn Kids, and made a few mock ups of these canvases for PBK’s spring “neutral nursery” line.  Unfortunately I can’t find the link for them online, but she did send me the catalog page so I’ll try to scan that in and share.  She keeps all her mock ups, and thought we’d appreciate these particular ones in baby D’s room.  They fit in really well- I love them, and love that we have some of her original art in his room!!
See- spoiled ROTTEN.  I spent most of Sunday organizing everything and washing all the clothes/blankets he got.  I can’t believe we have less than 6 weeks until he makes his appearance (give or take a couple of weeks- although I’m hoping he bakes in there as long as possible).  T said the other day- “I can’t wait until he gets here so I have someone to play with.”  Haha- he might have to wait a little while to play with him, but I’m glad to hear he’s enthusiastic!
Just for fun/to end the post- a 34wk belly shot.  I haven’t been good about taking belly pics (all that morning sickness killed that idea really quickly) but I try to do a quick one on my phone every couple of weeks.  I think it’s hilarious that, in certain shirts, I don’t look pregnant from the front but then I turn to the side and BAM- all baby belly.  I also feel like the belly has grown A LOT in the last couple of weeks, although I’ve always measured right on track.  It just seems like it’s more pronounced lately…
How was your weekend??

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