We did it- this little girl is officially done with Novice agility (forever), and this mama is officially done running around after dogs (in agility) for the foreseeable future:

This is her “I hate wearing ribbons because they are SCARY” face

She was such a good girl this weekend- we haven’t done any agility since May with her, except for a couple of quick practice runs the last two weeks (and I think she would have rather been playing ball).  We had one leg left of her novice jumpers with weaves title to get- and 2 chances to do it.  Saturday we just had a jumpers run, and I left the ring thinking we’d done it on the first try- she was focused and only had 2 faults (which you are allowed in novice), both being handler errors rather than errors on her part.  Then I go look at the score sheet and it shows her eliminated!  What the wha??  The score sheet showed 3 faults PLUS a wrong course (which you are not allowed).  I knew for a fact that was wrong- but had no video of our run to prove it.  Cue the pregnancy hormone surge and before I know it, I’m completely distraught- tears and all (silly, right?)  I managed to talk to the judge (although not until well after our run) and look at the original score sheet (not the computerized one) and there was a mistake in the scoring- definitely no wrong course.  But, still 3 faults.  Without a video to prove it, it was too bad, so sad- try again tomorrow.  But at least I felt a little, tiny bit better- and home we went for the day (where I took a 2 hour nap and woke up feeling a little foolish for my hormonal breakdown).

I went into the second day NERVOUS.  I’d put a ton of pressure on myself to just get this title done- and what if I screwed it up again??  Luckily Ellie was a good girl and I wasn’t a complete idiot handler- she started out as a stinker by running past the start jump (1 fault there), but came back and finished everything else cleanly- hooray!!  2nd place and a new title!  We had 2 more runs later in the day (one for Ellie and one for Kirby)- unfortunately no Q for Ellie as we again had too many faults (although I put those on her, not me- she again ran past the start jump and then jumped off the teeter because it was scary) but she pulled it together on the last half of the course and I didn’t care whether we had a Q or not for that run- she was a good girl the whole weekend and did so great for not having done agility in months.  She added to her wall o’ ribbons at home:

So pretty- the two in the middle are title ribbons.

Kirby on the other hand was wild and rotten all weekend- racing around the ring like a mad man in both of his classes.  Needless to say, he’s not mature enough to handle a trial (I think last weekend was just a fluke or something) and it’s good we’re taking a break for now.  Hopefully once we get back to it, he’ll be more mature and calm- so yeah, we’ll probably be trialing again when he’s 10!!  (FYI, he turned 2 on Saturday) 

This pretty much sums up Kirby’s attitude about this weekend’s trial- actually his demeanor in general.  He stayed like this for a good 5 minutes, getting a shoulder rub and LOVING it.  Weirdo.

All in all the weekend was a success in my book- but now I am one exhausted mama.  I could use a day or two of straight sleep I think! 

How was everyone’s weekend?

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