How you doin’?

Hi all!  I know it’s been awhile since my last post- I feel like I’ve developed writers block, plus we don’t have a lot of DIY stuff going on right now- and I don’t want you to be overwhelmed with baby stuff!!  But don’t worry- I haven’t had the baby yet (phew) and I am doing great…just boring.

So let’s talk about my furbabies instead of my human baby for a minute.  Kirby, our youngest furbaby, had a big weekend last weekend.  He went to his first ever agility trial to compete.  Pretty exciting.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from him- he’s got the attention span of, well, a 2 year old, and is very easily distracted.  He loves to run and is FAST.  But you can’t help but love (or laugh at) him because he’s just so stinking cute:

Photo by Maggie Fan Photography

We got to the trial and things started off poorly- I got Kirby out of the car and he slipped his collar right off and ran!  Stinker.  Luckily he just ran right towards all the other dogs at the trial and someone caught him right away.  I knew that if I wanted him to do anything I asked, my best bet was the run the crazies out of him, so once we got settled and checked in I marched him off to the nearby dog park. 

About 2 hours after we arrived, he had his first class- Jumpers with Weaves (JWW).  Just like it sounds, this is a course built out of just jumps, with weave poles and sometimes a tunnel or two thrown in.  It’s all about speed.  My expectations were pretty darn low for this class- crazy dog plus 7 month pregnant lady is easily a recipe for disaster.  And you know what?  He exceeded all my expectations.  He stuck with me for the most part, although he had a couple of small zooming episodes, and did everything that was asked of him.  He would have even qualified except we were over time and so we scored an 81/100 (qualifying is 85/100).  SO close.  But I was so proud of his focus!!  Here’s a little video of our run- I wish I could make it bigger because you can’t really see how EXCITED he was to be running in the small video.  That tail was wagging a mile a minute. 

It was a pretty great first run- I wish I could say his second run of the day was equally as awesome but he showed his true colors that time with a major case of the zoomies (although he did do all the obstacles, eventually).  Too much time in between runs and we were both tired.  Well…I was tired.  He was crazy!

See?  Crazy dog.  Tired pregnant lady.  Only one of us looks decent in this pic and it’s not me…but I’m putting it out there anyway! Photo by Dean Lake Photography

So that’s the excitement lately- we actually have another trial coming up this weekend and I’m running both Kirby and Ellie.  30wks pregnant.  Yes, I might be crazy.  If y’all don’t hear from me for another several weeks, you might want to check up on me and make sure I didn’t accidentally have a baby in the agility ring.  Ha.

What have you been up to lately??


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