Stick a fork in it…

Because I’m calling the office officially “done”

I put a couple of finishing touches up in the office over the weekend, and I’m completely satisfied with how things look.  I still smile every time I walk into this room, and actually enjoy sitting at my desk to use my computer, which means this little room has come a long way!!  To see how far, check out this post.

The things I added over the weekend weren’t monumental by any means, but they did finish things off.  First, I framed Ellie’s agility title certificate and hung that up (there’s room for 2, which hopefully she will get in September):

I love those hooks- too cute.  And in Georgia bulldog colors, of course.  The frame is from the dollar store- I was actually pretty impressed with their frame selection.  I picked up a bunch and will share what I did with them later this week.

This wall looks more complete now- apologies for the sort of blurry pic:

I also put up a roman shade over the window…I’ve been on a mission to replace all the metal blinds in this house.  It took me almost 2.5 years to do it, but I can now honestly say that there are no more metal blinds!!  Here’s a look at the new shade:

Nothing too exciting- I wanted to keep it light and bright in there so I just went with a plain white one.  It ties in the white cover of the chair at my desk.  I tend to lean towards the bamboo roman shades, but thought this room had enough dark furniture/wood in it so went with something different.  The shade is this one (Savannah III 72×64 in bright white, just in case the link stops working), from JCPenney.

Done done and done- love it!!  So happy to have this room completely checked off my list.

How was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “Stick a fork in it…

    • Thanks! The bamboo shades we have in our house are the Nantucket shades from Overstock- they seem to have the tightest weave and are the only ones I can find that you can’t see through at night, and actually block the light during the day. The only ones they seem to have available any more on Overstock are the lined/cordless ones- a little spendy but they do a great job 🙂


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