Thursday thoughts

I drove our new (to us) car on Tuesday evening to take the dog (Kirby) to agility class.  I was abnormally excited to drive it- is that weird??
 Speaking of agility- I signed Kirby up for his first agility trial.  It’s in Alpharetta, GA.  In early September.  After signing up, I realized that I will probably look like a fool.  Because I will be 29 weeks pregnant.  Running after a dog who is MUCH faster than me (even when I’m not pregnant).  At an outdoor trial in Georgia.  In early September (aka still summer).   I might be crazy.  Luckily the trial arena is covered and I only signed us up for one day so I wouldn’t wear myself out completely.
The weekend after the outdoor agility trial is an indoor agility trial.  In which I will be running 2 dogs- probably over a period of 2 days.  Did I mention I *might* be crazy???  But after that trial we are done for the foreseeable future with agility.
I’m starting to freak out a little about how much more stuff we still need to do/prepare before baby D makes his appearance.  I have 17 weeks left- and I feel like they are just going to FLY by. 

Is it the weekend yet?  Does anyone have anything fun planned?  I still am dying to go swimming somewhere since it’s been so hot.  Maybe I need to get motivated and plan a little swimming trip somewhere close by. 

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