Bird mobile

I hope everyone had a great weekend- we sure did!!  We added a new car to our household- a Subaru Outback wagon.  We’d decided awhile ago that we needed to have 2 kid (and dog!) friendly vehicles- when this discussion first took place we had a Honda civic and a Ford ranger truck.  The civic will be just fine for a mommy, daddy and baby…and that’s it (unless baby D wants to ride with a dog in his face).  The ranger?  Ok for a baby and a mommy (or daddy), and some doggies in the back (with a canopy of course), but the thought of having a baby in the front seat of the truck just made me uneasy.  So we sold the truck (which we weren’t driving much anyway) and found the subaru- perfect for baby, mommy, daddy and doggies!  I’m excited.

Anyway.  The subaru is not the “bird mobile” referenced in the title of this post!!  Awhile ago I gave y’all a sneak peek of a project that’s been in the works for an embarrassingly long period of time:

That is the bird mobile I’m talking about.  And I finally got around to hanging it up in baby D’s room.  I put off doing this for a REALLY long period of time because I was worried about getting all the sticks to balance correctly- even though I’m a scientist, physics was never my strong suit.  I finally got my act together this weekend though, and I’m so glad it’s finally done!!  This was definitely not easy to hang, but I love the end result:

I used birch branches from a tree in our backyard, fishing line and a couple of small hooks (that I painted the color of the walls) to hold everything up.  The birds are hot glued onto the sticks.  The bird pattern is from spool sewing, and is pretty simple to do- I could hand sew a bird in a couple of hours and I am NOT a fast sewer.  All the fabric came from Tonic Living– they have a fabulous selection of fabrics and you can order a sample piece for $1 (US) from them, which is how I made these birds- I just picked a bunch of fabric that I liked and ordered samples.  I think in total, it cost me ~$10 to make this entire mobile.  The hardest part was definitely hanging it- I was lucky enough to enlist T’s help to make the process go faster (otherwise I’d still be in there trying to figure out how to hang it).

A few more photos, just for fun:

 Baby D will have a good view of this from his crib and the changing table

This room is getting closer and closer to being done- which is awesome.  I have some art that needs to go on the walls and some shelves to buy/put up and then I think I’m going to be able to call it done!   I’ll give you a full tour after that happens.

6 thoughts on “Bird mobile

  1. this is absolutely adorable!! i love the colors so much!! and how smart to use samples and keep it cheap! (cheep? haha)you did a great job – the room is really coming together!


  2. Stopping by after reading your comment on my Nursery post over on BlogHer! Your mobile came out awesome!! I’ll have to check out Tonicliving too! I use fabric scraps allllll the time so I will definitely be taking advantage of those samples because I love their prints! Nice to “meet” you.
    Meg @ The Patchwork Paisley


    • Thanks so much!! The hardest part of the mobile was hanging it- that took some serious brain power (and swear words- ha). Thank goodness for handy husbands otherwise that thing would still be in pieces!! I love love love Tonic Living- they have some amazing fabrics, and the samples they send are a really nice size. Nice to “meet” you too!! Thanks for stopping by!


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