Nursery progress

Last time we visited the nursery, I’d sewn some pillow covers for the rocking chair.  I ordered some more of the chair cushion fabric to finish making new curtains for in there, and was surprised to find myself over this past weekend bitten by the sewing bug again.  One of baby D’s grandmas and an aunt are really good sewers/quilters and I’m just blaming the sewing frenzy on his genes.  He’ll probably sew his first quilt by the time he’s 2 (which leaves me more knitting time!)

I did the same simple pattern as the last time I made them– just some easy roll up and tie curtains.  Here’s what they looked like before, to refresh your memory:

They may never actually roll up/down- actually who am I kidding- they definitely won’t move because I will be too lazy to roll them back up again, so I installed some 2″ dark vinyl blinds behind them (I have successfully removed every. single. off-white. metal. blind. from our house now) and then there’s the actual white curtains as well.  This room does not get a lot of natural light, so I’m hoping with the 3 layers it’ll be nice and dark in there (because if he’s anything like his mommy it has to be as dark as a cave in order to sleep).  Here’s the finished product:

My apologies for the poor lighting- like I said, very little natural light, plus I’d installed everything by the time I took the photo and it darkened the room significantly.

But I wasn’t done sewing!!  We also got the crib last week and T couldn’t keep himself from putting it together the same day (seriously- absolutely no prodding from me about it- it was assembled within 2 hours from getting it home).  So I took advantage of the crib being assembled and my new found sewing energy and made a crib skirt.  I got the idea for an adjustable one from Kim.  I love the idea of an adjustable skirt because then as we lower the mattress, the crib skirt won’t puddle on the floor.  Here’s what I ended up with:

Each piece is separate (3 pieces total) and ties to the mattress frame:

I got the fabric from  I purchased 2 yards (at $6.99 a yard on sale, making this a $14 project) and I still have enough left over to make a pillow cover…or something?  The ribbon is left over from our wedding- I used turquoise blue as an accent color, and DIY’d our flower arrangements/bouquets/boutonnieres, so I have a ton of this color ribbon lying around (good thing I’m a pack rat and have kept it all this time).  Not that you can see the ribbons once the mattress is on there…but I KNOW they’re there, which totally counts, right??

Here’s the crib/skirt in all it’s glory (I think it looks pretty decent if I do say so myself…)

It’s coming together, bit by bit!!  What do you think??  Did you do any fun sewing projects over the weekend?

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