Thursday thoughts…

I walked to work today- granted it was only a little under 2 miles, but I was pretty proud of myself.  I’m trying to be better about working out now that the 1st trimester yucks are over.  We walk our dogs every morning and I try to use the elliptical 2-3 times a week.  This extra walk was a nice added bonus!
 The tree got taken down on Monday (the one that fell on our fence).  I’m so glad that got taken care of quickly.  Now if only the fence company and I could stop playing phone tag so we can have them come out and take care of the broken fence.
We have the most amazing pet sitter- I was worried last week about not being able to find someone to watch the dogs while we were in the hospital with baby D.  I emailed her and she is totally willing to be on call for us, even though I’m due around Thanksgiving.  Amazing.  So grateful!!

I might be jinxing myself by announcing this on the blog…but since the photo sessions for our dogs aren’t working out with my friend (she’s out of town this week) I’m going to try to do one of my own!! I’m using the camera below- wish me luck!  If they turn out somewhat decent I’ll post a few…promise!


My new office chair showed up today!!  And the curtains tomorrow.  Looking forward to getting those unpacked and set up in their new home.  I also have plans for some of the pictures that go in the office.  Again, might be jinxing myself by writing this here, but I REALLY hope to have an office photo post for y’all next week!!


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