Adding some color

Happy Monday everyone!!

So I know I promised pics of the office, but that was a big fail on my part this weekend.  I had every intention of getting it organized and photos hung up again, but I didn’t get there.  Saturday, T took me on a date (his idea!!).  We went and saw Ted which was hilarious (crude, for sure, but hilarious none the less) and then went out for Cuban food at our fav restaurant in town.  Date night trumps office organizing every time.  Sunday I got the sewing bug (this is very, very rare for me) and spent most of the day sewing.  A friend of mine in WA is having a baby shower this coming weekend, and I needed to get her presents out in the mail this week, so sewing won over office organizing.  Sigh.

Do you want to see what I made over the weekend though??  Of course you do…

First up- a sleep sack (this has been knit for several months now).  Whenever a friend has a baby, I make one of these.  They’re pretty simple and don’t take a lot of time, plus they’re so cute.  Because I use 2 colors of yarn, I like to line the sleep sack with flannel to keep little baby fingers from getting stuck in the yarn strands- the liner of this sleep sack is the whole reason her baby presents haven’t gone out in the mail yet (she’s due Aug 4th!)- I’ve been putting off sewing in the liner for quite awhile now- something about using my machine to sew fabric to knitting freaks me out every. single. time. 

Here’s the inside- I used Michael Miller zoology flannel in “sea” which I love- I just started on a sleep sack for myself (well, for baby D), and I’m thinking I’ll line it with this same fabric.

Now that I’m halfway through my own pregnancy- I decided it’s about time to get started on some projects for our own child!  We have a rocking chair in the nursery that was T’s grandparents.  It’s had a dingy pillow on the seat forever, and I finally decided to cover it with something more fitting to the nursery theme.  I also had a small travel pillow that I covered with some fabric as well.  Both are “simple” envelope pillow covers that took me a lot longer to make than they should have.  But I think they turned out pretty well- what do you think?

I used this fabric for the small pillow, and this fabric for the seat cushion.  Here’s a closer look:

The fabric that is on the seat cushion will also be made into window shades.  If you remember (maybe?) the fabric that is currently on the windows is this, which I like, but thought it was a little too girly, so I’m changing it up.  I made one shade but ran short on fabric, so I need to order some more, whip up one more (haha) and then I’ll post some photos of that. 

The crib should be showing up later this week (yay!) and I’d like to make a crib skirt similar to the one that Kim made, using this fabric:

And don’t forget, I also have to finish up my project with the birds on the branches- I will be doing that soon!  Lots more projects to do- but hopefully some fun things to share with y’all in the next few weeks!!


22 thoughts on “Adding some color

    • Thanks!! I stole the ottoman idea from you, I saw it on your blog post and thought PERFECT!! Ran out to Target this weekend and picked one up for myself 🙂


  1. Good morning lovely. I’m here from Debbie’s party and your newest follower. You have a gorgeous home and a delightful blog! I’m so happy to meet you! Pop over for a visit sometime.xoxo,Kim


  2. Turned out great. Love the material that you picked for the envelope pillow in the chair. Seen some similar today at the store.BTW-Thanks for stopping by my blog leaving a sweet comment on the Colorful Window frame. I was going to email you to say thanks but it shows your a no-reply blogger so I wanted to pop over here to say “Thank you”.


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