Thursday thoughts…on a Friday

Whoops!  Thursday snuck up on me this week- I guess that’s what happens when you have a holiday in the middle of the week.  So…better late than never:

We had a big storm here on Tuesday and part of a tree from the property behind our house (empty lot) fell on our fence- boo.  Not exactly what we wanted to come home to!  T was able to get it off the fence but we need to have someone come out and fix the fence itself.  Luckily it was the chain-link portion of our fence and not the wood.  The tree that lost its top is now just a trunk, and there are still two giant branches hanging up in another tree, teetering precariously above our fence- lets hope those stay up there until Monday when the tree guys come to take care of all of that (courtesy of the property owner).
I ordered new curtains and a new desk chair for my office- very exciting!  One step closer to having it put back together.  Right now it’s a disaster, but I’ll hopefully have it cleaned up enough to share some photos with you after the weekend.
We have a somewhat bizarre predicament that I’m not sure what we’re going to do about- baby D is due November 21st- the day before Thanksgiving.  I’m pretty certain he won’t pick that day to show up (but he might!)  There’s no way to plan exactly when he’ll show up or how long I’ll be in the hospital (which is luckily only 4 miles down the road from us).  My concern is our 3 dogs, one who needs someone with him at night (we use an overnight pet sitter when we leave town).  I’m not sure how to handle this, since T can’t come home at night from the hospital before baby D is born, seeing as he might miss the birth.  I’ve contacted our regular pet sitter about this, but it’s hard to have someone on call around a holiday.  Any creative ideas?  This is one reason why it’s hard not having family in the area…

It’s been so hot here for the past week+ that I’m retaining water- which sucks.  No cankles yet (thank goodness) but my fingers feel like sausages- the other day I couldn’t put on any of my rings.  #pregnantwomanproblems.

I’m not sure I have a five…hmm.  I guess I’ll leave it there- hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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