Today I am…

(COPYING) this from a blog I read regularly (La Buena Vida)

(TIRED) from painting my office all weekend- I forget how much I dislike painting until I do it.  It took me all weekend to get two coats on and I still have to paint the closet.  Sigh.  I also had the windows open and it was at least 95 degrees here all weekend- so hot.  I wore a mask on top of having the windows open to protect against fumes, which made things extra warm.  Then I looked more closely at the paint can and realized it was zero VOC.  Whoops, oh well.  Better safe(r) than sorry right?

(IN LOVE) with my new office color- it went from a blue that very honestly looked purple most of the time (and clashed with the rest of the house colors) to a very pretty tan/grey color that I love so much more already.  New carpet goes in next Monday and you can be certain that I will post photos.  I’m also planning on some new curtains, a different arrangement and a new office chair.  Wheeee!

(APPREHENSIVE) about the results of our quad screen.  The results show I have an elevated risk of having a child with Down Syndrome- my risk ratio is 1:225 (the cutoff is 1:250 for high risk).  I’ve been reassured that this is just a screening, and the test has a 20% false positive rate, but I’m still nervous about the possibility of something being really wrong.  I had a missed miscarriage last year, and the odds of that are as low as 1:5, so I guess I’m just afraid of always being the “1” in the scenario. 

(EXCITED) that the upside to the not so great quad screen news is that we are scheduled for a level II ultrasound this Weds, June 27th.  Which means…we get to see the baby over a week early!!  And if it cooperates, we will get to find out the sex early as well.  Think happy baby thoughts for us that we will see a healthy baby on Wednesday morning.

(CONFUSED) that my baby bump is bigger during the day than first thing in the morning.  Seriously, I wake up in the morning and I hardly look pregnant.  Then once lunch time rolls around- bam:

18 weeks 2 days in this shot- apologies for the terrible bathroom photo..yeesh.

Happy Monday y’all…


5 thoughts on “Today I am…

    • I’ll let you know that Team Pink is winning in the votes category, so you may be right!! Hey, it’s a 50/50 chance, pretty good odds eh?? 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what your little one is!!!


    • Thanks for your thoughts- I’m just glad the scan is tomorrow and not next week otherwise I’d be stressing all week. And you’re right- it’s not worth it to stress out yet- not healthy for me or baby!! 🙂


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