Thursday thoughts…

I’m going to make an attempt at starting a new (for my blog) tradition- a few blogs I follow do this and I like it. So here goes nothing- enjoy the randomness that is floating around in my brain right now!!

I love thursdays.  Not quite as much as I love Friday afternoons, but it’s a close tie.  Right now I really love them because that’s when our midwife appointments are.  I especially anticipating our upcoming appointment on July 5th…!  I also love Thursdays because I have agility class with our youngest furbaby Kirby.  He LOVES class and it’s so much fun to see him grow up and use his brain.  We switch to Tuesday classes starting next week- I suppose then I will also love Tuesdays?
That reminds me- we’re using a midwife for this pregnancy!  I’d always thought I’d go the OBGYN route, but our local hospital has a midwife clinic associated with it.  I get all the benefits of a midwife, but will still give birth at the hospital.  It’s been a really great experience so far and I’m so glad we decided to go this route.
Hmm, apparently the theme of Thursday Thoughts this week is pregnancy.  Oh well- running with it.  This is actually my 2nd pregnancy.  Last year I was pregnant (and did use an OBGYN) and had a missed miscarriage.  Dealing with the aftermath of that was somewhat traumatic- I won’t go into details but it wasn’t a simple D&C and done.  It was almost enough to make me re-think having children period- but luckily I came around.  And funnily enough, I am due Nov 21st with this baby- a year and 3 days after our first baby was due.  Coincidence?  
Ok on to lighter subjects!!  I am painting (hopefully) my office this weekend.  Not my work office (although it could use a new paint job but has 15′ high ceilings so you won’t catch me attempting that!)- my home office/extra room/place to toss all my junk.  I’ve always disliked the blue color I chose- it reads purple in most lights.  So a new color is going on this weekend!!  Don’t worry- I will buy low VOC paint, wear a respirator AND open the windows, just to be safe!
I have yet to knit my own child something- and I’m almost to the halfway point.  Yikes!  I’ve knit for 2 friends now that are due soon- well, one is actually a week and a half overdue.  Yet I cannot for the life of me find the motivation to pick up the needles for this baby.  Maybe once we find out the sex.  Also all my yarn is buried in the upstairs bedroom- I’m not certain I can find everything I need to do any knitting (although I think this is just an excuse for my lack of desire to knit).

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