Another pinterest challenge: Colorful bird bath

So there’s another Pinterest Challenge going around at both Young House Love and Bower Power (here’s a link to the last one I participated in)- and I decided (a little belatedly) to participate!

It started with this pin:

Click the picture for original source

Last year we’d bought a bird bath for the front of the house which I loved- it was so bright and colorful.

Unfortunately, the basin really didn’t hold up well to the weather- the paint started chipping off and then last fall, a big chunk of the basin just broke off completely.  Luckily, the basin was separate from the base, so we removed it, but saved the base which was still in decent shape.

I decided that I could use my pin for a little “pinspiration”- so off to the store I went for some supplies:

I ended up with 3 bright cans of spray paint and a spray paint nozzle ($3- seriously, this is a worthwhile investment if you’re going to be doing a lot of spray painting.  I always end up with a cramped finger and paint all over my hand, but not this time!!  I can’t believe I waited so long!)

I also bought 3 pieces of terra cotta- one large saucer, one small saucer and one small pot.  I gave them several thin, light coats of paint and ended up with this:

After letting them dry for a few hours, I used some clear silicone to attach the large (now blue) saucer to the bird bath base, and the small (now green) saucer to the small (now red) pot:

I let that dry for a couple of hours and then turned everything over and siliconed it all together, to get this:

Tada!  I love how bright and cheery it all looks!  The small green saucer will hold bird seed.  Here’s a view from the top:

I can’t wait to put it out in the yard and put it to work!  I’ll try and post a picture of it once it’s in use.

What do you think?


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