Hangin’ in there

Thanks for sticking with me everyone!  I STILL don’t have any photos of the finished living room/kitchen/dining room, partially because I was out of town last week for work and partially because things aren’t finished yet!  Ha!  My extremely hard working husband took on the daunting task of caring for 5 animals and laying quarter round while I was out of town (on top of a full time job).  Yesterday I did some touch up painting on the baseboard and quarter round, and today, a new area rug arrives which means we can FINALLY put everything back together!  I hope to have photos of the final lay out by the end of the week, but we’ll see how that goes.  In the mean time- here’s some photos of other things to tide you over!

The rug we chose- 10’x13′- it’s huge, but should fill the space better than our old rug did, which we sold on Craigslist
The next few pictures are from the Savannah area, where I was for work:

And to be really random- a photo of my dog at an agility trial!  We went to a trial in Savannah after work was done for the week- she didn’t place or even qualify in any of the events she was entered in unfortunately, but we got some good photos out of it at least!
Ellie, my little stinker-pants
That’s all the random I have for everyone- hope y’all had a great weekend!!


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