Home renovation projects are always exciting to me, no matter how big or small.  I think that’s one of my most favorite things to read about in people’s blogs.  And through the magic of the internet, it always looks so easy- here’s the before, here’s the after- tada!!!  But what you don’t see is all the behind the scenes craziness.  Take our last few flooring projects for example- betcha didn’t know we’ve been living with our house in some state of un-finishedness (is that a word??  it is now!) for the past 6 weeks!!   Installing the bathroom floor happened in a day- but the quarter round was out of there at least a week before the flooring went it.  And after it all got put back together, the transition strip in the doorway was missing until we got the new carpet, which meant we were constantly watching our feet when walking through the doorway so we wouldn’t trip on the carpet.

Getting new carpet wasn’t as simple as ripping out the old and putting in the new.  ALL the furniture had to be moved out, and we wanted to do some paint touch-ups in the room before the carpet went in.  Then we had to touch up all the baseboards after the carpet was installed.  We’ve had the new carpet in for 2 weeks now and the upstairs just went back to normal over the weekend!!

Then we had the downstairs re-floored last week, and our stove and fridge lived in the garage for almost a week.  Most of our living room furniture is still (as of today) residing in our front bedroom while T works to put down quarter round.  Don’t worry though- there is a chair in there for one person and the dogs have their beds, so at least some of the family can be comfy!!  See:

Break time!

My point in writing all of this is not to complain- I am SO grateful for the ability to make these improvements to our house.  This is more of a reminder to myself and others out there that DIY (and even not so DIY projects) always cause disturbance- and for some reason, I’m surprised at how much disturbance.  Every. Single. Time.  You’d think I’d have it figured out by now!!


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